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twilight: Good Eventing.  
2020-10-14 13:08
Lava: No matter where we go, no matter what we do. You'll always be there for me and I'll always be there for you. <333
2020-10-13 04:18
MiaSugarglow: yuhh i do be alive again kinda
2020-10-1 03:45
Casidith™: ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡ Hello guys~ I am back! I've been busy lately... (# ̄ω ̄)
  • twilight: welcome back hickory lotusvalley. (10-12 13:48)
2020-9-30 15:15
MoonFields: | Yo imagine being uid 69420.... Couldn't be me  
2020-9-30 11:56
MysticBeam: Loving life in the hollow!  
2020-9-27 07:02
beanytomo: im finally a minister after a million years
  • Villiana: congrats margg!! you made it girl :P (9-26 21:55)
  • beanytomo: thank u! <3 (9-30 21:51)
2020-9-26 17:00
snaccboi: rip my old page fixing this while watching batman
  • beanytomo: ur the robin to my batman (9-26 14:07)
2020-9-21 23:00
Jasper: Jυѕт ¢αυѕє ιт'ѕ иσт α gαмє ∂σи'т мєαи уσυ ¢αи'т ℓσѕє
2020-9-20 20:21
FaunaAspenleaf: Finally named my pet ladybug friend! I decided to "adopt" a boy ladybug and named him LootahBug! (Which means Red Bug XDDD) It took me forever to come up with something lollll
  • Villiana: Ooo! I love that Fauna, that's so creative. ~ <3 (9-20 22:12)
  • FaunaAspenleaf: Ty! lol (9-23 09:42)
2020-9-20 18:29
Solariopa: Today's Solariopa Fashion is Discord exclusive, sadly. Really wanted to post it here but ultimately decided for the best not to.
2020-9-19 22:15
Solariopa: Next Solariopa Fashion will be NieR:Automata themed! Posting it later today.
2020-9-19 18:00
twilight: hi, good eventing. xD
2020-9-16 18:26
electrospider78: forgot to do a camping trip update: ended last mon., was deep in the forest, meals for the 4 days were mostly handmade (yum!), swam in a reservoir and were miles away from the cali fires.
  • electrospider78: took some cool pics of that tho! also, the sofas were more comfy then all the beds put together... (9-15 02:36)
  • Jasper: That all sounds so fun    I miss camping. (9-15 23:41)
  • electrospider78: we actually rented a house for 3 days, it was covered in bear shaped stuff and wood. (9-16 03:16)
2020-9-15 02:35
Lava: Do you ever get the courage to finally jump but you don't because you're too afraid to fall?
2020-9-14 23:44
Lava: Ɛ> noʎ ǝʌol ı <3.
2020-9-12 17:41
MoonFields: | Sketching 19282928 designs for your OC
  • Jasper: Felt that. I'm drowning in character sheets (9-13 10:33)
2020-9-12 15:05
roseheart: ~ be clearly aware of the stars and infinity on high, then life seems almost enchanted after all ~  
2020-9-10 19:37
Fungirl99000: My area's been on fire for the past couple days but we don't talk about that
2020-9-10 18:55
Fungirl99000: Pending comments litreally make me want to rip my hair out... bruh I just wanna reply to my friend without having to wait 29489484 years  
  • Jasper: Now that Villiana and I are admins, pending comments/blogs/etc should get approved more efficiently than before. I know it's irritating tho, rip (9-11 15:10)
  • Fungirl99000: Are comments made on private albums seen when they go pending? (9-11 20:24)
  • Jasper: I'm not sure, you could get with me and do a test one to find out if you want   (9-13 10:32)
  • Fungirl99000: Hmm, well only if you want. I'm just curious as to whether, since they're private, that when they go pending, they'll actually show up for you guys to approve it or not xD (9-17 22:31)
2020-9-10 18:54

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