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WinterSparkle: The earthquake that happened a few days ago was a bit scary for me. My friend felt two aftershocks, one today and one yesterday, but I didn't feel anything...
2019-7-7 15:35 Reply|
MoonChildPotter: I have the dress-up game music playing in the background. It's sooo pretty!
  • Jasper: The background music to the pixie scene maker is awesome, you should give it a listen :P (7-4 10:32)
  • MoonChildPotter: Ohhh my gosh, I'm so sorry! Just saw this. I'll check it out! (12-6 23:34)
2019-7-3 17:15 Reply|
Jasper: ♠ вяανє fα¢є ♠
2019-7-2 22:51 Reply|
Bubblestorm: I miss Pixie Hollow Online sooo much! At least we still have fairyabc for the time being. Too about about the forum glitches though!   
2019-6-30 21:30 Reply|
MidnightEscape: Haven't been on here in forever :/
  • Jasper: Glad to see ya :D (6-29 19:16)
2019-6-29 15:01 Reply|
Jasper: ιт тαкєѕ мσяє тнαи мєєтѕ тнє єує
2019-6-29 13:18 Reply|
beanytomo: Thanks for a great prom night everyone! And thanks for voting me prom queen, it means a lot!! <3 xoxo
  • Jasper: You deserve all the votes bb (6-24 14:23)
  • beanytomo: u too bb king (6-24 17:28)
2019-6-24 00:09 Reply|
beanytomo: me: "im gonna study and take my final today!!" literally did not
2019-6-22 22:23 Reply|
beanytomo: homework<being a vegetable
2019-6-22 14:06 Reply|
Jasper: σи тιмє αт тнє ωяσиg тιмє
  • beanytomo: edgelord3000x (6-22 13:58)
  • Jasper: Just Call Me Jaspedge.... (6-22 23:44)
2019-6-22 02:14 Reply|
Butterflies: I really want to talk to some people on here again, but I lowkey think that they've all forgotten me. That's life I guess.
  • Villiana: Hey- I'm sure they'd love to hear from you, hit them up! <3 (6-21 14:10)
  • Butterflies: I'll try, thanks for the encouragement Nilla <3 (6-25 12:45)
  • Jasper: I feel the same way sometimes... But I remember you, If it means anything :) (6-22 02:08)
  • Butterflies: Thanks Jasper, it honestly does mean a lot to me <3 (6-25 12:42)
  • Cookies: Same here T^T I miss talking to you, Laur <3 (7-6 17:42)
  • Butterflies: Me too (7-28 12:36)
2019-6-21 13:29 Reply|
bbqueen2: I updated my avatar picture! It's pretty much the same but different chair.
2019-6-19 17:53 Reply|
Daisygarden: You know that feeling when you love people but you haven't even met them and yet, you cry over them cuz you want them to be safe and loved and know they are precious? Yeah... that's me with EXO. ;-;
  • Jasper: Me with my fabc friends... :P (6-18 17:13)
  • Daisygarden: Aw, that's really sweet, actually. ^-^ (6-19 09:22)
  • beanytomo: me with every kpop boy i fall in love with (6-22 14:00)
  • Daisygarden: Really? I'm not alone in crying over kpop boys?! ;-; <3 (6-28 18:00)
  • Fungirl99000: *is looking through old activities and sees this* This is literally me with Bts and Monsta x how did u describe it so perfectly- (8-9 19:24)
  • Daisygarden: ;-; Aww, you're too sweet. I'm glad I'm truly not alone in this feeling. <3 (8-16 11:31)
2019-6-18 16:38 Reply|
Springbrook: If anyone knows what I'm doing, please let me know because I sure don't.
2019-6-18 12:27 Reply|
louiselouisa: lads should i change my space to a pastel pink theme or keep it as blue??
  • Jasper: Pink would be nice :P (6-17 23:05)
2019-6-16 21:15 Reply|
DelicateDeer: Yesterday I took my last Final Exam for the year!! Can't wait to start Summer Vacation ♪♫
2019-6-15 14:20 Reply|
Jasper: ¢ℓσѕєя тнαи α fяιєи∂, ι ¢συℓ∂ вє уσυя єиєму
  • beanytomo: ur so edgy (6-15 16:24)
  • Jasper: I Know Right....... (6-15 18:49)
2019-6-13 12:18 Reply|
2019-6-13 12:03 Reply|
2019-6-11 18:00 Reply|

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