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Lorry: free !
2019-9-26 06:32
Lorry: fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood
2019-9-26 06:31
Springbrook: I just randomly decided to start listening to 80's music. Then I realized why I don't listen to 80's music.
  • Jasper: I'm so offended by this post JDFDSHGDJK (9-24 20:08)
  • Springbrook: I've repented. I like some of the songs, and I've put one on my page just for you, lol. (9-27 19:41)
2019-9-24 10:58
Fungirl99000: I just found a song I last heard YEARS ago. I forgot it existed and the n o s t a l g i a
  • Villiana: best feeling ever - also im curious, which song owo (10-9 23:28)
2019-9-22 16:10
WinterSparkle: I miss this place :(
  • Jasper: Me too :/ (9-21 19:10)
2019-9-21 12:27
Shiloh-chan: Well. It’s Saturday.. gonna drown myself in this tub of ice cream.. guilty pleasures.. hah’
2019-9-21 10:09
Shiloh-chan: When I wake up every day and stare myself in the mirror I’m reminded of the ultimatum that life’s dea—no—That I dealt myself ..sometimes I feel like I’ve overstayed my welcome.. here..ya kno
2019-9-21 10:07
Shiloh-chan: Life is so overwhelming.. what a mess I’ve made for myself.. sometimes I wish I can rewind time.. ha.....there goes my childish thinking again..
2019-9-21 09:42
Jasper: иσω ι ѕєє тнαт тιмєѕ, тнєу ¢нαиgє
2019-9-21 01:44
Daisygarden: Don't you just love it when you stumble upon a song you heard a year ago, loved, but then COMPLETELY forgot about? It's like finding a beautiful treasure all over again!  
  • Fungirl99000: Oh ma word yesss that's happened to me before (9-18 20:25)
  • Daisygarden: It's not just me?! Whew! I can't believe I FORGOT ABOUT "FIRST LOVE" BY EXO. ;-; At least we can re-find songs. xD (9-19 09:46)
  • Villiana: Right?? You get to get addicted all over again, memorize it again to your hearts contentttt, aaaa, such a blessing, sucks when you have a song stuck in your head tho, an old one, and you cant remember (10-9 23:27)
  • Daisygarden: UGH, YES, I hate getting a song in my head and I can't figure out which one. ;-; Especially if it's Korean and you don't know that parttt. (10-10 11:43)
  • Villiana: Or like- YOU K N O W THE TUNE BUT NOT THE WORDs- that's like the worst, cause you just sit there humming and being like it goes like this and i know this but i don't ;-; (10-10 23:23)
  • Daisygarden: YESSSSSS. That is the most infuriating thing ever. ;-; It's just painful, trying to remember what song it is. Makes your brain hurt, haha. XD (10-11 10:35)
2019-9-18 11:12
Butterflies: I forgot how fun it is to make new outfits in the hollow. I have a whole new wardrobe now lol
2019-9-17 20:46
Rachshanin: New Video!: https://youtu.be/yiN8y7bnTZs
2019-9-11 04:38
Fungirl99000: I am really curious as to where the developers went. Like I haven't seen or heard from them in months. No announcement beforehand or anything. Kinda makes me wonder if they're gonna come back  
  • Jasper: I don't know anything more than you do ;-; (9-7 18:16)
2019-9-6 23:24
Daisygarden: Where did summer go? I feel like it should be the beginning of August, not September. ;_; Welp.
  • Fungirl99000: Year has gone by way too fast   (9-6 23:25)
  • Daisygarden: NOOO kidding!    Is time speeding up or is it because we're getting older?! (9-7 15:24)
  • Fungirl99000: I really don't know   (9-7 15:32)
  • Villiana: 2019 went reallll fast. October is next month? Like everything is happening so quickly. (9-13 19:52)
  • Daisygarden: I know, right?! Like, I thought 2018 was fast - NEVER MIND, 2019 is ridiculously fast! o,o (9-15 16:07)
  • Villiana: i feel like each year gets faster o.o (9-15 20:08)
  • Daisygarden: It really does feel that way. o__O Time is a strange thing. (9-16 09:35)
2019-9-6 11:37
Rachshanin: For my next ph music video, which song? Queen of Mean, Emma Swan's theme song, or My Grand Plan?
2019-9-1 02:02
Rachshanin: Can finally play PH again only on firefox though. Better than nothing  
2019-8-29 01:19
samebert: Anyways, I got a new laptop so my editor finally works on it, I want to post another YouTube video when I get the time because I miss editing!
2019-8-28 22:39
samebert: Hey guys it's been forever since I've been on here but I finally got Fairyabc to work! Anyways, I've been in college for the past two weeks and it's super fun! Went on here to relive some mems lol.
2019-8-28 22:37
Fungirl99000: Do any of y'all feel like some users are banned unfairly? Some of the usernames don't seem that horrible to me oop-
  • Jasper: I agree. Back when I had more time on my hands, I kept a running list of people I had asked to change and if they didn't within the given time frame then I would ban. But, unfortunately life happens.[ ... (8-27 19:31)
2019-8-26 14:02
2019-8-25 18:25

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