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Villiana: uhm hello to the girl i met in game today, this is nilla- hit me up sisss, the server cut me off mid sentenceee, and i forgot your name and uid because im kinda dumb. ;-;
  • EmmaB4848: i feel this on a spiritual level. also i miss u so much (10-22 21:55)
  • Villiana: it's a struggle, and i miss u moreee, it's been so long- how have you been girl? <3 (10-25 22:21)
  • Cookies: aw you guys are still active on here (10-26 21:31)
  • Villiana: gardieee!! missed youuu <33 (10-27 13:51)
2019-10-15 22:03
Daisygarden: Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends. <3
2019-10-14 11:53
louiselouisa: guys the new waterparks album came out today and it's SO good !!!!
2019-10-11 06:47
Azolla: I am back  
  • Jasper: Welcome back :) (10-10 23:13)
  • Azolla: Thankss jasper :D (12-5 19:15)
2019-10-9 16:25
louiselouisa: hi everyone!! it's been so long since i've really logged in (like i log in a few times a week to check in and send welcome messages) but i haven't played on the game in so long!!
  • louiselouisa: i've been soooo busy with school & extracurriculars but i have some free time rn, how is everyone?? : ) (10-7 21:06)
  • Villiana: Hello webaa~ I'm swamped with work too, life has been pretty busy lately, but still busy can be good. Nice to have you back! Planning on coming to this Fridays FCF yay or nay? (10-9 23:33)
  • louiselouisa: thanks, it's good to see you too!! i'm not sure if i'll be able to make it, but i'll try!! :) (10-11 06:46)
2019-10-7 21:05
Pruinea: I was catching up with my DC shows, and watched the Elseworlds crossover. I loved the Smallville reference, especially because I watch that show too.
2019-10-3 12:45
Springbrook: I had to put my little dog down a couple days ago. Probably won't be at FCF this week. I'll miss you guys.
2019-10-3 11:30
Daisygarden: Inktober is arising. I'm participating this year for my first time. I'm scared for some reason.    Is anyone else participating?
  • Jasper: I would like to but I know for a fact I'm gonna forget about it tomorrow and not think of it again for 2 weeks XD And I don't have a prompt picked out or anything (10-1 11:26)
  • Daisygarden: Haha! Well, that's okay, maybe you can do it another year! ;3 (10-10 15:22)
  • Villiana: Ooo you go girl!! I wanted to- but also- art is time consuming, and time is not something I have a lot of ;-;- I might sneak one prompt in at some point :P- but kudos to you! Happy drawing!~ (10-9 23:31)
  • Daisygarden: Ahh, thank youuuu!! Aah, yeah, Inktober IS busy and I'm looking at some days and thinking "Oof, when I have time?!" XD Thank you again!!! ^,^ (10-10 15:23)
  • Villiana: It's a hustleeee- but good for you girl for getting on the grind of being creative and doing everything else at the same time. <333 (10-10 23:26)
  • Daisygarden: Aww, haha, thank youuuu so much. ;-; So far I haven't burned out but we'll see how I am by the end! XD (10-11 10:35)
2019-9-28 09:29
Lorry: MOB PSYCHO 100
2019-9-26 06:36
Lorry: anohana
2019-9-26 06:36
Lorry: clannad
2019-9-26 06:36
Lorry: angel beats !
2019-9-26 06:35
Lorry: one punch man
2019-9-26 06:35
Lorry: durarara !!
2019-9-26 06:35
Lorry: banana fish
2019-9-26 06:34
Lorry: boku no hero academia
2019-9-26 06:34
Lorry: cowboy bebop
2019-9-26 06:33
Lorry: kimetsu no yaiba
2019-9-26 06:33
Lorry: haikyuu !!
2019-9-26 06:33
Lorry: hunterxhunter
2019-9-26 06:32

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