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Fungirl99000: Bruh Wonho still isn't back. I'mma throw hands if they don't let him return to Monsta X soon
2019-11-19 17:59
Jasper: му αиgєℓ єуєѕ вυяи тняσυgн уσυ ℓιкє ¢уαиι∂є
2019-11-13 16:52
Villiana: arrival day #3
2019-11-11 20:47
Daisygarden: I am NOT shutting up about EXO's comeback, I'm so freaking hyped.  
2019-11-8 23:00
Daisygarden: #EXOiscoming #thefightiscoming  
2019-11-7 14:43
JeonJakook: i'm hyped for christmas X'O
2019-11-7 02:08
Shiloh-chan: Idk bout you but I’m feelin 22 ... :,) Hah..
2019-11-6 15:04
Springbrook: If there is a Fabc discord, I would love to join. Does anyone know and/or have the link they can give me?
2019-11-5 13:40
Shiloh-chan: A friend told me last night “It could always be worse” yet some some reason I doubt those words .. I feel like my life’s taken a long long PAUSE .. jeez why do I do this to myself ..
2019-11-3 01:11
Daisygarden: Happy Tempoversary!!! <333 Today marks the day of when a legend of a song came out, it was also a huge milestone for me - my first EXO comeback. <333
2019-11-2 13:55
WinterSparkle: It's been wayyyyy to long since the last time I got on here. So hi everyone, how's everyone doing? Me, I'm not doing so well lol. A lot of stress and worry right now tehe.
2019-11-1 20:01
Fungirl99000: I am feeling extremely sad knowing Wonho left Monsta X
  • WinterSparkle: Same   (11-1 20:02)
  • Fungirl99000: I really hope he comes back and the girls who helped cause this get what they deserve (11-1 21:49)
  • EmmaB4848: omg same :( and woojin leaving stray kids :( (11-4 22:12)
  • Fungirl99000: Yeah. 2019 has been a rough year for Kpop (11-4 22:15)
2019-10-31 20:34
Daisygarden: Happy spooky day, be sure to stay warm and don't get scared too much.  
2019-10-31 10:32
JeonJakook: hello hoomanz :3 im bored xD
2019-10-29 01:54
Daisygarden:   <--- mood.
2019-10-28 11:46
EmmaB4848: I just realised that I completely missed my arrival day by a week so here's a late arrival day post for my two year self :)
  • Villiana: aaaa happy late arrival day!! <333 (10-27 13:51)
  • EmmaB4848: <333333 (11-4 22:13)
2019-10-22 21:54
JeonJakook: ugh i cant seem to pick a profile pic i like XDD
2019-10-22 17:39
Springbrook: My new favorite thing to say is "Excuse you."
2019-10-22 11:56
Villiana: uhm hello to the girl i met in game today, this is nilla- hit me up sisss, the server cut me off mid sentenceee, and i forgot your name and uid because im kinda dumb. ;-;
  • EmmaB4848: i feel this on a spiritual level. also i miss u so much (10-22 21:55)
  • Villiana: it's a struggle, and i miss u moreee, it's been so long- how have you been girl? <3 (10-25 22:21)
  • Cookies: aw you guys are still active on here (10-26 21:31)
  • Villiana: gardieee!! missed youuu <33 (10-27 13:51)
2019-10-15 22:03
Daisygarden: Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends. <3
2019-10-14 11:53

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