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louiselouisa: just spent an hour fixing my space and the space on my other account because they got reset :))
2019-2-18 11:42 Reply|
Daisygarden: Have a great long weekend, if you live in certain areas of the world! If you don't have a long weekend, have a great week! <3
  • Villiana: Always so thoughtful, :P Thank you! I hope you have an amazing long weekend too, I can't believe it's ending so soon. ;-; But hey, gotta make the most of it right? <3 (2-17 21:37)
  • DelicateDeer: I’m lucky enough to have this whole week off!  Hope you enjoy your break, too! <3 (2-17 22:07)
  • Daisygarden: Ohhh, you have reading week? Luckyyy, girl! xD You enjoy all that time off! <33 And thank you!! (2-18 10:08)
  • Daisygarden: Ack, sorry for the late reply! And :P Hehe, exactly! Gotta make the most of any breaks we can get. XD (2-20 21:41)
2019-2-17 18:12 Reply|
NovaWyvern: I still pop in a lot and yet I'm more of a lurker    Sometimes it's just hard to get yourself in the social mood! I still think you all are amazing~  
2019-2-17 00:55 Reply|
louiselouisa: harmony has blue hair again,, shoutout to summer 2017 kjsdfhjkshdfs
2019-2-16 11:38 Reply|
2019-2-15 12:02 Reply|
GoldenFlower: I'm probably overreacting about this but... I just saw someone with their ID number thing in the 40,000s! I feel old now.  
  • DelicateDeer: Same! I'm only 27k and I already feel like a grandma   (2-15 21:44)
  • GoldenFlower: Lol! I'm all the way down to 18k, XD. (2-17 14:05)
  • Jasper: Try 5 lol (2-19 18:41)
  • Cookies: oof (3-10 17:29)
2019-2-14 17:00 Reply|
GoldenFlower: I'm baaaackk yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall
2019-2-14 16:54 Reply|
Fungirl99000: O no it's love holiday today *insert distressed gasp of terror*
2019-2-14 15:45 Reply|
Daisygarden: Happy early Valentine's Day!!  
2019-2-13 19:36 Reply|
Daisygarden: Whew, just laughed so hard I cried. Me and my siblings are such dorks.  
  • Villiana: Aaa that's one of the best feelings ever, and hey, it's fine to be dorky, we all have an inner dork inside of us. :P <333 (2-15 01:26)
  • Daisygarden: Totallyyyy agree, it's probably one of my favorite feelings. <3 And haha, so true! I'm proud to be a dork. XD (2-15 09:23)
2019-2-9 15:14 Reply|
WinterSparkle: The end of the school year is so close yet so far...
  • DelicateDeer: If only this school year could go by faster   (2-10 14:48)
  • WinterSparkle: I know right, it feels like it has been so long already and it's only getting longer (2-11 20:41)
2019-2-6 23:20 Reply|
AriannaArt: heyy! i miss this place sm
2019-2-5 22:19 Reply|
DelicateDeer: I love when school just gives you 0 work until all the teachers collectively decide to give you a million projects at once  
2019-2-5 18:31 Reply|
PixieDelRey: life has been rough.
2019-2-5 01:39 Reply|
Avery168: I'm posting this because I need to get 6 more credits to level up... so what's the last fruit you consumed recently? Mine's an orange.
2019-2-3 17:09 Reply|
Daisygarden: Talking about EXO members with my friends is so much fun, eee. <3 Even though a few of them think all of EXO looks similar. *coughs cuz why do people say that, they are so unique from each other*
2019-2-1 22:54 Reply|
WinterSparkle: My eyes hurt :((
2019-1-30 22:02 Reply|
Daisygarden: What has everyone been up to lately? I'm curious!  
2019-1-30 11:42 Reply|
Nora: My profile is just about one of the nerdiest things I've ever had right now.
2019-1-27 00:44 Reply|
Lavender-Marie: Just updated my page. Make sure to check it out! :)
2019-1-27 00:06 Reply|

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