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Villiana: Ramadan Mubarak!~ <3
2019-5-7 15:23 Reply|
EmmaB4848: i literally haven't been on here in forever omg
2019-5-6 23:03 Reply|
WinterSparkle: Anyone know how to turn back time because I want to re-experience the BTS concert I attended yesterday. Even though I had trouble breathing and ran out of energy during the concert haha...
  • EmmaB4848: omg im seeing them on the 18th and i'm SO EXCITED AAAA (5-6 23:05)
  • WinterSparkle: OMG You should be VERY excited!!! You're going to have a great time seeing them!! (5-7 19:26)
  • EmmaB4848: I know eeee! I'm so pumped!! (5-8 21:22)
  • EmmaB4848: It's my first time ever seeing them! (5-8 21:22)
  • WinterSparkle: Sunday was my first time ever seeing them irl! They looked so cute running around on stage and from where I was they looked kinda tiny so it made it even cuter :') (5-9 19:31)
2019-5-6 16:52 Reply|
Rachshanin: Doing Camp Rock songs for a summer camp series of videos so stay tuned! :)
2019-5-6 01:58 Reply|
Villiana: Page is updated for the spring + summer, profile picture should be updated by tomorrow.~ <3
  • EmmaB4848: uwu your page is alwaysss so cute!! (5-6 23:05)
  • Villiana: EMMA- missed you so muchhh, and uwu thanks girl- I try. <33 (5-7 15:20)
  • EmmaB4848: uwu i miss you too!!!! (5-8 21:22)
2019-5-5 23:08 Reply|
Pixiethegirl: Man, it's been a while. So, since my page was so hideous, I've changed it to a aesthetic page. I'll change it only once a month or so, but that doesn't mean I won't accept your request!
2019-5-3 22:50 Reply|
WingsFlying: I've got new recipes to bake!
  • Jasper: Mmmm, delicious! Thanks! (5-4 01:53)
2019-5-2 23:13 Reply|
Jasper: ѕυιт¢αѕє σf мємσяιєѕ
2019-4-30 18:52 Reply|
Bellflowerp: Woot! I just got upgraded to Pixie Pal! I'm so excited that I get the cool purple name. XD Woot woot!  
2019-4-29 12:07 Reply|
QuietSerenity: Okay but Against Me! is such a good band and tbh I'm so grateful for my girlfriend for introducing me to them  
2019-4-19 21:00 Reply|
WinterSparkle: Spring Break finally started for me, I've been waiting for this for a while.
2019-4-18 19:55 Reply|
~Stacey~: hallo everyone if anyone of ya'll who's reading this i miss you guys    and i changed my timeline to blackpink for now lol
2019-4-16 12:57 Reply|
SapphireGlitter: https://www.fairyabc.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=8110&extra=page%3D1 I found a fix! Read my post if you can't upload photos!
2019-4-15 13:34 Reply|
SapphireGlitter: I still can not post any photos to any of my albums! if anyone can help with this glitch please let me know! Its been months since I have been able to post a photo!
2019-4-14 11:37 Reply|
2019-4-14 10:08 Reply|
mistydew15: MEMES
2019-4-14 09:59 Reply|
eleanorpixie: Gotta admit my mental state been going down these weeks. But I found hope when I read about starting a new life, a new identity. I want to start from healthy diet and plenty of old hobbies :)
  • Villiana: Yesss you go girl! I'm glad you're directing yourself on a more positive path. <3 (5-1 16:08)
  • eleanorpixie: Thank you, I appreciate your support! May your days be positive too! :) <3 (5-13 01:18)
2019-4-11 09:30 Reply|
cosmoetic✧・゚: ugh
2019-4-11 00:04 Reply|
arianator3942: I am making a cosplay album just for AG cosplays. from now on I'll put those there. Currently i gotta sacrifice some pics ( in ag pics case i got them most if not all saved on my computer)
2019-4-9 03:43 Reply|
arianator3942: if you come by my cosplay album, and notice many gone, especially the AG ones, it is because i am removing them to get mroe attatchment space, however...
2019-4-9 03:42 Reply|

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