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Fungirl99000: Remind me again why real person pictures aren't allowed. I've come across other children's websites that dont outlaw such a thing.
Yesterday 00:55 Reply|
louiselouisa: yesterday was my birthday!! :)
2020-1-8 22:50 Reply|
Fungirl99000: Let's have a moment of silence for the art requests I got from 2017 that I was too lazy to ever finish
2020-1-2 19:56 Reply|
Fungirl99000: Also bring back stealth mode for ministers    I'd like to be sneaky too
2020-1-2 03:55 Reply|
Fungirl99000: Once I saw admin su log on as visible but quickly went in stealth mode. I'd like to know why you haven't said anything in months yet still log in...? Maybe it's to lurk in pm like I do, idk.
2020-1-2 03:55 Reply|
Fungirl99000: One month and 22 days has passed and still no ability to create group chats.
2020-1-2 03:53 Reply|
WinterSparkle: I said that last time I logged in, but what's new on FABC? I feel like I missed a lot
  • Fungirl99000: You didnt miss anything, as there has been literally no update for a year or more (1-2 03:33)
  • WinterSparkle: Wow, Im honestly surprised. I remember how active this place used to be, I wonder what happened... (1-2 19:27)
  • Fungirl99000: Ikr. The loss of activity from players/staff here be making me mad like come back you inactive potatoes (1-2 19:52)
  • WinterSparkle: Yeah it is upsetting, but it is also a little bit concerning. I hope one day they will all come back and this website would flourish once more. (1-5 02:18)
  • Fungirl99000: Yeah, idk why everyone suddenly left. Back in 2016/17 the site was booming with activity and there were tons of people on all the time. Now it's like nobody be on at all and the devs aren't updating (1-5 20:33)
  • WinterSparkle: I know right! It's so weird, like back then there was so much happening and now there is nothing going on. I'm really hoping that changes. (1-6 22:06)
2019-12-29 12:40 Reply|
WinterSparkle: It's been way too long since I last logged in lol
2019-12-29 12:38 Reply|
louiselouisa: merry christmas!!! :)
2019-12-25 10:43 Reply|
samebert: I'm back home for winter break and I put out a new video!!!! Go check it out if you'd like:):) https://youtu.be/yc22mL1WYkk
2019-12-16 02:34 Reply|
louiselouisa: moshi monsters shut down... this is so sad :(
  • Villiana: aaaa omg... ;-; (12-22 13:14)
2019-12-14 00:03 Reply|
MoonChildPotter: Just got Disney+ so if I'm not on, ya know why! Lizzie McGuire here I come!  
2019-12-6 23:35 Reply|
Azolla: It is funny, isn't it? When you forget how to talk and make friends IRL because you've spent so long thinking about what others think of you. You just stop functioning like a normal person ...
2019-12-5 19:49 Reply|
Daisygarden: I am obsessed with Obsession.  
2019-12-4 11:59 Reply|
Torrine: Having issues with my laptop’s graphics and it’s just too hard to fix. Oof.
2019-11-30 01:47 Reply|
Torrine: Just realized I DID NOT mention this crush in any of my old activities—oof. I wasn’t really active on here when I first began to like him. I really need to be more active but I’ve been...
2019-11-30 01:46 Reply|
Fungirl99000: Hi it's my birthday. I'm officially 16  
  • juno30: happy birthday !!   (11-29 23:20)
  • Jasper: Happy belated birthday - hope it was great (12-1 01:46)
2019-11-27 22:36 Reply|
Jasper: ι'νє вєєи тяуιиg fσя ѕσ ℓσиg тσ ѕιиg уσυ тнє яιgнт ѕσиg
2019-11-27 20:24 Reply|
Springbrook: Si vous lisez ceci, vous connaissez le français ou avez utilisé un service de traduction en ligne. Je t'ai eu.
  • Jasper: La question est, connaissez-vous le français ou avez-vous utilisé un traducteur en ligne? ;)) (11-27 20:23)
  • Springbrook: Je connais assez bien le français pour lire votre réponse sans service de traduction. Mais pas assez bien pour écrire une réponse. (11-29 13:27)
2019-11-27 01:15 Reply|
Torrine: I can barely even comprehend that he feels the same—it feels like a wonderful dream
  • Villiana: happy for you toad!~ (11-26 17:43)
2019-11-24 02:15 Reply|

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