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Avery168: I really should be more active.
The day before 12:50 Reply|
mistydew15: Noice
3 day(s) ago Reply|
Daisygarden: I've been busy improving my digital art and spending time with my friends and family. Sorry I haven't been here in forever, not that anyone would miss me. ;)
  • DelicateDeer: It's okay to spend time focusing on Mainland activites! I took like a 3 month break & it felt like no one missed me either, but your friends will always miss you. Welcome back, Daisygarden! ❀✿ (1-20 13:41)
  • Daisygarden: Aw, thank youuu! <3 This was super sweet! (1-21 21:44)
  • Villiana: Glad you're improving!~ And it's always okay to take some time out for yourself, we all have been there and understand completely. Also, shush with that negative talk, we missed you, I know I did. <3 ... (1-21 18:50)
  • Villiana: Word limits.. -_- Anyway, just a reminder we love youuuu (1-21 18:51)
  • Daisygarden: Oh my gosh, you are too sweet for words. <3 Thank you for the positive reply, I really appreciate it! <33 (1-21 21:45)
  • Jasper: I don't think anyone missed me when I took a break either lol. Oh wells :P (1-22 17:45)
  • Daisygarden: Hey, I'm sure everyone missed ya! I didn't know you went on break since, well, I was on break too. XD (1-22 21:39)
4 day(s) ago Reply|
Rhodon: help my page won't stop resetting  
5 day(s) ago Reply|
MoonChildPotter: My favorite user page design I've done so far! Building music back, lost it a while ago....
6 day(s) ago Reply|
JeonJakook: in case anybody thinks my pfp or header are real person pictures, they're not, they're just artworks :)
7 day(s) ago Reply|
twilight: hi everyone.  
7 day(s) ago Reply|
MoonFields: | School Days Amirite... Weeaboos Unite...!!!
7 day(s) ago Reply|
WinterSparkle: Sometimes I just want to sit in the corner all day and be alone...
2019-1-15 19:40 Reply|
rockularity: Wow I haven't been on here in ages! I need to redecorate my page as well... also 26 more credits till I level up from an honored pixie! Again...!
2019-1-15 11:41 Reply|
DelicateDeer: I wish I drew more...
  • Jasper: Same. No time :( (1-15 11:35)
2019-1-14 22:38 Reply|
Fungirl99000: I'm not dead guys XD I've just been hiding in my PMs  
2019-1-12 15:11 Reply|
MoonFields: | Is the forum okay?
2019-1-11 00:35 Reply|
louiselouisa: the reply button isn't working rip
  • DelicateDeer: It works! You just have to right-click the reply button and hit "open in a new tab" (1-12 21:25)
  • louiselouisa: thanks! it's working now; the links were just down when the website wasn't working the other day :) (1-12 23:06)
2019-1-10 22:57 Reply|
catcatherine: So unbothered by what people think of me
2019-1-9 21:38 Reply|
WinterSparkle: This is really random but I miss my old hair on my fairy
2019-1-7 15:35 Reply|
louiselouisa: today is my birthday!! :)
2019-1-7 07:15 Reply|
louiselouisa: shoutout to 2017 when i used to post updates every single time i changed my space/music sdkfjhsjdf i might change my space for the first time in a While + my music has changed a Bit so that's nice lol ...
  • Jasper: Shoutout to 2017 when I used to post emo song lyrics (1-10 00:46)
  • louiselouisa: jhdsfkjhskdfjhskjdfshf (1-12 23:07)
2019-1-6 10:59 Reply|
Rachshanin: Kinda off topic, I know but please vote for me in the siren contest: https://freeform.go.com/sirencontest/photo/qkg3z I need all the votes I can get.
2019-1-5 17:26 Reply|
Pixiethegirl: Hey guys, and in February it'll be the Year of the Pig. I have one question, did anything important happen while I was gone?
2019-1-5 11:03 Reply|

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