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Daisygarden: Buying old fashioned looking clothes, getting another manga book in a series I adore, listening to SHINee and EXO loudly, and getting a green apple tea - my kind of good day!!  
The day before 20:14 Reply|
Rachshanin: Youtube Channel: FangsCast
3 day(s) ago Reply|
Rachshanin: Nobody will answer my question :( Why cant I make groups???
3 day(s) ago Reply|
Rachshanin: Carry On By Olivia Holt: New video :) Link: https://youtu.be/Odki4qMJvyo
3 day(s) ago Reply|
Fungirl99000: I somehow managed to get my mom to let me buy a bts album XD
4 day(s) ago Reply|
daintypanda: WOOHOO I finally figured out how to add music to this thing >.<  
4 day(s) ago Reply|
SwordKnight: Haven't been here so long wow do I need a new theme
4 day(s) ago Reply|
Rachshanin: Who has a ph fairy youtube channel???
4 day(s) ago Reply|
Rachshanin: New video! Link: https://youtu.be/OiPENJ0jszU
5 day(s) ago Reply|
daintypanda: I also got a sale for my new biz Glit Co. I need to update my profile page
2019-3-10 15:36 Reply|
daintypanda: Update: buying matcha was my best investment yet! Plus my grades are actually improving like what :) I only have God to thank
2019-3-10 15:36 Reply|
WinterSparkle: Okay my family actually ended up getting tickets to a BTS concert I am still screaming about it though.
2019-3-10 15:31 Reply|
2019-3-10 02:43 Reply|
Cookies: wow hi i'm back from my long hiatus
  • Villiana: GARDIEEEEEEEEEE <33333 (3-10 11:35)
  • Cookies: AAAHHHH OMG <333 HELLLOO LOVE (3-10 17:27)
  • Villiana: MY GOSH IT'S BEEN AGESSSS, HOW'VE YOU BEEEENNN also we all should def meet in game sometime like relive them glory days (3-12 23:26)
2019-3-9 21:51 Reply|
CelestialNebby: It's been so long. I'm happy to see this place still going strong ^^ I just log in randomly to check up on any new updates and some friends I've made. Oh, I'm still shy to talk in the Hollow it seems.
2019-3-7 02:17 Reply|
Pruinea: My teeth are so sore, I can't even close my mouth all the way...  
2019-3-5 14:42 Reply|
MoonChildPotter: My goal is to reach Minister by my Birthday this month. 305 more points to go! ❤️
2019-3-3 22:30 Reply|
MidnightEscape: It hurts to let you go and it's worse to hold on. But I know that I'll be better when you're gone.
2019-3-1 18:52 Reply|
mistydew15: I saw the new HTTYD movie in bad quality    But it was really good but kinda sad.
2019-2-27 21:11 Reply|
Daisygarden: Feeling a bit down and worried about a friend. *sigh* But also looking forward for tonight - I get to volunteer at the library for the first time, woop!
2019-2-27 15:55 Reply|

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