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Share ~Update on Future Activity~
Villiana 2020-8-2 15:48
Hello everyone! I just wanted to inform you all that I will be inactive from today August 2, 2020 to August 28, 2020. I had a death in my family and this will be my first time visiting my family after my relatives death. I will be taking my computer there, but- I will be taking it there to get fixed ...
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Share Hi faes!
Himynameismari 2020-7-28 17:49
My name is Mari and im new to pixie hollow! Nice to meet yall the first time! I have muliple talents actually.Im not braging im not that type of fairy I loveeeee music, and i love to make new friends and give people self-care advice! My full name is mahrin and my nicknames are marina or mar ...
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Share Jimin Lounging (Doodle)
Serendipity129 2020-7-15 02:02
Here is a doodle I made of Fairy Jimin while I was bored in driving class. I drew this in December, so my art skill has significantly improved since I made it. Practice and observation make a better artist! There's also an outfit below that I will complete drawing on a later date, so stay tun ...
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Share please pardon the snow...
snowbelle 2020-7-11 14:22
hello, please pardon the snow, am currently updating my website and figuring out how to add various clickables and boxes.
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Share Jimin Side Profile (Sketch)
Serendipity129 2020-7-8 18:17
I can't figure out how to get this picture into the album without an error but I really want this shown on my profile so here we go.
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Share 10 years?
AkilinaBirdie 2020-6-15 07:59
Will I manage to change my name in 10 years?
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Share Art update
ScarletIV 2020-5-9 22:58
Wow ok its been like two years since i started those art requests and i've only done one. As you can tell i'm a very productive person. Seriously though, i am sorry. My procrastination and anxiety has unfortunately gotten the best of me. I'll be taking a break for a while to focus on building my por ...
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Share Halpppp ! Plz!
Shiloh-chan 2019-11-23 01:16
Hello???! Anyone there ?? The names Shiloh, I was wondering if anybody knew what websites I could use to upload my MP3s to and copy and paste the link back into my homepage( vocaroo stopped working for me) I am very slow so please provide me a detailed response and bear with meee .&nbs ...
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Share heeeyyyy gamers
sakami 2019-10-27 15:38
im dead on here
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Share It's my birthday.
Springbrook 2019-8-15 13:57
Hello Lovely People, I thought I'd post another blog today because it's my birthday! I'm turning some undetermined age between one and ninety-one. I've missed being on here, and attending FCF and talking to you guys. What with mainland activities and school st ...
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