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[Party] Fashion Contest Month Detail Thread

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Heyo fairies & sparrowmen, I hope you’re having a flitterific day! Reminder - Fashion Contest Friday today 8-10pm EST! In lieu of the normal FCF reminder thread, this is a detail thread about Fashion Contest Month (FCM). So basically today will be the last FCF for a couple weeks. I will be visiting Elixa for an extended stay and unable to host for a little while. At the moment, my hope is to have FCF return as normal on June 14th. Elixa is an amazing fairy who works hard to help her friends get back on schedule, but sometimes she needs them to rest a little longer so I can't guarantee 100% that it will be the 14th, but that is currently the goal. In the meantime, you won't be FCF-less. And now without further ado, le FCM details:

Participant Entry Template R1-3.jpg Participant Entry Template R4.jpg

FCM will work very similarly to FCF. There will be 4 rounds with themes & the 4th round will have a speed twist to it. I will upload a thread on the 19th with the 4 official FCM themes, examples of filled out entries for each of them, and blank entry templates. You will have until June 14th to create entries for FCM. Here ^ are examples of what an entry form might look like filled out. There is no time limit for creating your outfits rounds 1-3. Once you've finished an outfit for one of the rounds, click the party hats in-game, then your name, then take a screenshot of your pixie in their outfit. (Please take your pic this way & not with the custom background option in your leaf journal.) Download the entry template from the thread on the 19th, open it in a photo editing program of your choice (seriously Microsoft Paint is my go-to, it doesn't have to be anything fancy), and edit in your outfit picture cropped like in the above example. Then specify the round number and include an inspiration explanation if desired.

For round 4, the "speedround," you have to time yourself. The speedround judge *cough cough* will take your times into account when choosing winners so keep in mind that the normal FCF speedround time limit is 5 minutes, and speed in the speedround is influential. However, also keep in mind that quality still comes into play so find the balance between a good outfit and a good time for ideal results. Since you'll be timing yourself please honor the honor system with this; writing down a false time is wrong and unfair to the other participants. Maybe even meet up with a friend in-game to work on your speedround outfits together so you can time each other.

Judge ApplicationTemplate.jpg

Speaking of winners, it is called Fashion Contest Month for a reason and I need some judges to help! Just like in FCF, anyone can volunteer to judge 1 round. If you are interested in judging one of the first 3 rounds of FCM, create a judge outfit, edit it onto the judge application template (included in the thread on the 19th), along with whatever name/nickname you prefer and some kind of credentials. These can be humorous, fashion-themed, or anything you like. I will need 3-6 judges & will be working with a "1st come 1st served policy." 1st 3-6 pixies to message me their judge applications will be the judges. You can be both a participant and a judge for FCM but cannot award yourself a placing in the round you judge.

S1.jpg S2.jpg

In addition to rounds, we need some flaptastic Screenshots! I want to see your best screenshots and group outfits to include in the FCM recap thread. Schedule some F•A•I•R•I•E•S meetups, or even some FCFs on the Fridays I'm not here. I mean I'd ask for FCF to be waiting for me when I do get back and that no one tries to "take over" it, but I in no way own hosting fashion cons and would love to see some pics of people still meeting up for some fashion fun. You won't have to edit the polaroid border for SSs, I'll do that, but you are welcome to specify a caption if you want.


Q: But wait you still haven't told us how to enter!

A: To officially submit an entry for FCM you must PM a filled-in entry template to me. I'd love to see everyone supporting each other and if you'd like to post your entries in a thread, 100% go for it! Just PM me the thread link to have your entries count.

Q: But wait you still haven't told us how we'd judge!

A: After the entry period, I'll PM you all the entries from the round you'll be judging. If you are co-judging, I'll make a group PM. You'll let me know your winner selection (1st, 2nd, 3rd, & HM) and I'll edit accordingly for the recap thread.

Q: But wait how do we know who won if we don't meet up in-game?

A: I will post an FCM recap thread following the same format as the FCF recap threads with all the winners and entries.

Q: Can I submit entries at different times?

A: Absolutely! You can send me your round 1 entry on May 19th and your round 4 entry on June 13th if you want.

Q: Do I have to enter all the rounds to participate?

A: Nope!

Q: Do I have to create an entry for a round to be eligible to make a group outfit, SS, etc.?

A: Not at all! You can participate in whatever way you'd like! You can just volunteer to judge, just send a SS, or do everything haha.

Q: I sent you my entry and asked if you saw it but you haven't responded, did I do something wrong?

A: I will not necessarily be able to answer questions, respond to entries, etc. during the time I am gone. If there is something wrong with an entry I receive I will let you know, if I don't respond you can assume everything is good.

Q: Does there need to be a certain number of entries for there to be winners?

A: Yes! Each round needs a minimum of 7 entries to be eligible for judging. If a round, or all the rounds, do not receive enough entries, there will still be a recap thread showcasing all the entries, but there won't be places.

Q: This was long and I'm confused.

A: It totally was and I totally understand. There will be time set aside at FCF today for questions, and the thread on the 19th will be more straightforward and easier to understand (TL;DR version) Also definitely feel free to ask any questions in the replies below!

Fly with you! <3

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