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[Story] Fairies meet trolls. Crossover with dream works trolls chapter 1

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Note: before reading this, if you haven't seen trolls I reccomend you watch that, or at least read the plot.

this is part 1

A huge tornado hit pixie hollow. It did a lot of damage, but thankfully most fairies were lucky and just had a bruise or two. On the other hand, an animal fairy named Robin got picked up by the tornado and was litterally tossed into trees and rocks. The wind blew off all her pixie dust, and even if she had some, she wouldn't be able to fly out. The wind was too fast. It carried her beyond never land, and finally. at around 3 am, it dropped her to the ground leaving her disoriented, and badly bruised. She got up only to collapse with her right leg in pain. So she had to start limping to a hiding spot  She didn't know where she was. For all she knew, this place could be a hide out for pirates who wanna capture fairies. As she limped she scanned her surroundings. She noticed some weird animal creatures. Example, a large catterpillar fuzzy looking thing that looked as if they had records on it's head. She also noticed these colorful pods in these branches. Then she saw a small hole in a tree she could hide in. She made her way over, but suddenly found herself under a net. She tried to stand up to see if she could possibly just lift it off but she was too weak and even if she wasn't, the net was too heavy. " guess I'll stay here till someone finds me". She didn't have to wait long. Minutes later she noticed the bluish gray figure with black hair sticking up. It was wearing a green vest and black pants and had a spear looking thing. It  running towards the trap. He pointed the pointy end down and yelled " Stay where you are". Not that she had a choice, but she said " um um oh oh ok". The figures expression turned from protective anger to protective confusion. Maybe he didn't know what she was, or couldn't understand her or both. After all, when fairies talk to humans, all they can hear is jingling. Maybe these, whatever they were were the same way. Then she noticed that a pink figure that looked the same as the one pointing a spear at her, except she looked like a female one. She had pink skin, and a blue dress. When she got closer she heard her say in a light hearted but sarcastic voice to the other figure " What vicious creatre did you catch". Then the pink troll looked at her and said said " Branch, I don't think this" she turned to Robin and said " fairy I presume?" Robin said yes. As she suspected they couldn't understand her talking. The pink troll asked her to nod or shake her head so Robin nodded. Then she continued saying to the figure named Branch. " I think she is harmless. Put the spear down and let her up." Branch lifted the net and Robin stood up but fell. That's when they noticed her leg. Robin flapped her wings seeing if by chance she had any pinch of pixie dust on her to fly part way home. Nope. Her hurt leg and lack of pixie dust litterally grounded her. The pink troll could clearly see she needed help so she knelt down to try to get some information. By that time more of these figures were coming over and surrounding her.

Poppy pov

A crowd gathered and seeing the fairy was getting nervous I told them to stand back. Then I noticed a troll known as "hammer" in the crowd. He was known for having inventions so I asked him if he had some kind of translator gadget so we could understand the fairies jingling. He said yes and went to his house to get it. While he was gone I asked the fairy. " So based on the fact you nodded when asked to nod or shake your head, you understand us". The fairy nodded her head. "Ok. In that case, while hammer is getting the translator devices please allow us to introduce ourselves." She told her that they were trolls, and wouldn't hurt her. They were all very friendly. I  told her my name and told her I was the queen. Then I introduced her to the other trolls and Mr dinkles, who seemed to take a quick liking to her. Hammer came back with a microphone looking thing and put it near the fairy. I asked her to tell us more about her and she answered, this time clear as a bell

" My name is Robin, and I am a never fairy. I got blown here by a tornado and I can't fly cause I'm out of pixie dust. The wind blew it all off." The troll named suki asked said " I think i've heard of never fairies. Don't y'all have certain talent guilds". Robin nodded and said " Yes I'm an animal fairy."

" Oh that's why mr dinkles took an instant liking to you" said Biggie. " Then doctor moonbloom came foward and said " Even if you could fly, as a doctor I'd be hesitant on you flying with that leg. It's clearly broken. She got out some bandages and tore them down to Robin's size, then wrapped her leg in it. Then she looked up at me and said "Poppy, she needs to rest". I agreed and picked up Robin and said " come on, you're gonna stay in my pod. I brought her into my home, made her a little bed and laid her in it. Hammer also brought a mini translator that was robin's size and put it near her. Then I told her to get some rest and not to worry. We would find a way to contact the queen of the never fairies so that her fellow fairies would know she was safe.

Part 2 coming asap

I am one of ariana grande's arianators
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