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It Begins

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Hey all,Sorry for my rather prolonged absence, and welcome to the Pixie Hollow RP Group. I'm Dianano, but you can also call me Sticher. My goal for this group is to have a bunch of closed threads running, which everyone can view. I haven't heard from Invi in a while, so it's just me running this right now. I'd like to start by having everyone do a paragraph-or-so bio for their fairy in here, including backstory, personality, and appearence (especially if it's different from in-game appearence like Oct.). For example:

"Octavia is a fiercely loyal winter scout commander. She has pale skin, and is lithe and muscular with short red hair that she dyes periodically. She is distrusting of strangers at first, but is devoted to her causes and those she feels protective of. While some might describe her as cold and crafty, she is strategic but has a good sense of humor. Her combat skills as a military leader are nearly unmatched, but she isn't too proud to admit defeat. Much of her wariness comes from the loss of her close friend Nadia many years ago, which closed her off and made her more introverted and calculating. Never quite moving on from that accident, Octavia threw herself at her work, rising to become the leader of the winter scouts. It was only years after that did she finally start to move on and reopen herself to the world."

Some of the things I thought about:
- What's their history? How does this make them who they are today?
- For every good trait, give them a bad one.
- How do they interact with others?

Have fun! If you want to start already with some friends, feel free to post some starter threads.

- Dianano
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