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The Tale OF "'Timmy Tenderfoot'"

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The tale of "'Timmy Tenderfoot'" is an old Scout Legend.  This is how it goes, ....

Timmy Tenderfoot was an active Scout.  He was very popular among the Scout leaders, always willing to participate.  Always very eager to learn Scout skills, he could tie a Square Knot in less than ten seconds, much faster than anyone else in his troop.  He was very caring and considerate, helping others when the going got tough.
One night at Summer Camp, he went into his tent and lit his candle.  He wrapped up in his sleeping bag and turned to the first page of his comic book.  He knew this story.  He had read it over and over dozens of times.  He pretended to be the various characters in the story.  As he finished, he dozed off and fell into a deep slumber.
In the midst of his sleep, he rolled over.  The candle toppled, still lit, and touched the floor of the tent.
The fire from the candle ignited the floor, sending flames over to Timmy's sleeping bag.  He woke to find the bag ablaze, along with the floor of his tent.  The sides of the tent were starting to burn.  Timmy tried to shout for help, but found he could not.  For the sleeping bag had been burned deeply into his flesh by the fire's heat.
The flames continued to grow.  A few minutes passed before Scouts in the nearby tents saw the fire.  In took less than a minute before the top of the tent was ablaze.  The glow drew the attention of every member of the troop present.  Scouts and Scout leaders rushed over with buckets of water.  The troop worked tirelessly to extinguish the flames.  Bucket after bucket, water after water.
Less than five minutes later, the fire was out.  Sadly, it was too late.  The tent had burned up completely.  There was no trace of the sleeping bag, Timmy, or anything else that had been inside the tent.
From then on, a new rule was established for the Scouting Organization:  Never, EVER have a fire anywhere close to your tent, let alone a candle.  If you do, you may find yourself playing with fire, and ultimately, facing Timmy Tenderfoot's fate.

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Reply Jeocalix-Inminf 2018-9-13 16:31
This story is very harmful to this site.
Reply RedYuley727787 2018-10-9 16:26
Jeocalix-Inminf: This story is very harmful to this site.
Scout, it is simply a legend.  It never actually happened.
You hear this story all the time in Scouts, and it is considered a form of Children's Literature (Children's Stories) today.

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