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Pearl's Pixie News 4/12/17

2017-4-12 00:09| Publisher: pearlcuteshine| Views: 1783| Comments: 9

Description: Pearl's Pixie New is a source of all news and events that happen inside Pixie Hollow.
Hello everyone! It's Pearl here finally reporting with my first article here on the portal! I've decided that I will be like a pixie journalist and report about all the fun events that happen here in the hollow such as Fashion Contests, Plays, Truth or Dare, Paint war, etc. 

For my first article i'd like to post something very important! My friend Lavender and I decided to dress in all rainbow to show our support for LGBT+ people! Many people joined us at schelly's hair salon and we took a beautiful photo! :D 

This was a very beautiful thing to be a part of! Remember to the spread the love <3 I'll fly with you all later! Keep a look out for more of Pearl's Pixie News! 

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Quote Pixielover1515 2018-9-22 17:33
is there any updates coming this fall? and are you gonna update 1.0?
Quote smolsuga 2018-2-14 00:19
lgbt+ feels intensifies
Quote Meeso 2017-6-6 10:06
I love it so much! Great Job you guys! <333
Quote anastasia-lock 2017-5-19 13:25
this is beautifull and i love it!
i wish i was there thoo <33333
Quote CrystalAirshine 2017-4-23 09:40
That's such a nice message and a beautiful photo on top of that! Love it <3 <3 <3
Quote KawaiiPotatoes 2017-4-21 00:30
Love it <3 Keep the positivity moving!
Quote smallapple403 2017-4-16 11:33
Omg that looks amazing <33
Quote LabsNotDabs‚ú® 2017-4-15 18:11
I love the positivity! Great job standing up for what you believe in!
Quote catcatherine 2017-4-15 14:00
OMG RIV <3 You guys look so cute <3

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