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'Writing 101' - Lesson 1

2017-4-10 12:35| Publisher: PrincessKawaii| Views: 1456| Comments: 6|Original author: Juniper|Location: 'Writing 101'

Description: This is lesson 1 of 'Writing 101' here on the FairyABC portal. I shall try my best to be a good teacher for you so, please if you have any questions, let them loose down below in the comments section ...

This is lesson 1 of 'Writing 101' here on the FairyABC portal. I shall try my best to be a good teacher for you so, please if you have any questions, let them loose down below in the comments section after reading each of the lessons. Also you can PM me and friend me for further assistance.

Lesson 1

Today we shall start with the simplest of things. What would a reader notice before anything else when he/she comes across a book? The cover, and the title of course.

This lesson will be all about showing you how a reader gets reeled in to further exploring the content of your works!

Let's first discuss what writing means - does any of you know?

Well, I did a little search and this is what writing means - if we want to be good writers we need to know what it means not just by definition but by feeling as well.

So, you see now? When you write, you reach out to people - they feel like they're in your story, they walk side by side with the heroes and villains, the victims and the saviors and enjoy every single row of it until it's ended. Then, they want more. But, to get to this point you actually need to know how to reel in the readers and make them interested in at least reading the content page of your book.

Let's say that we're on Wattpad. It's a large source of books written online and a perfect place to attract readers or fans of sorts. Now, the first two things as I mentioned, that people would get attracted to are the cover firstly and secondly the title of the book. To make it look unique and attractive to the human eye, you need to find yourself a good cover maker like for instance Canva - a great online cover maker with which I made the first two covers for this or perhaps Google bits of your cover, use Flamingtext for generating a title with a cool font - or Photoshop's fonts could also work and put it all together. Now, tips for the cover are the following: Use an element from the story - for example if the story was a mystery and there was an item missing you can use that item for a cover - like a watch let's say or a bracelet. Just find a type that you have in mind and place it on the cover. It can also be an image of the location where the story takes place - like the city or village where all the action is.

It all depends firstly on what you're writing and secondly on your imagination. It can of course be just writing like my covers for the lessons and the writing guide itself, which is also very cool so long as you find a cool and eye-catching font like the ones I've used.

The second part of this lesson is about the titles. Once you have the cover part sorted out, the one thing that's remaining is the title and its posture on the cover. If the cover is an image of a location, a person or an object,  you should probably make sure that the font - aka the title won't cover that up. That being said, try to make it all fit in nicely - it should work by lowering the size of the font and also via rotating and moving around the cover's free surface. You can see for example, that on my cover above the screws are way down below and they're adjusted to fit the layout of the rest of the cover.

Also the next bit about the title is how related it can/should be with the content of what you're writing. For both the cover and the title it's okay to stray away from context and content as long as it's not completely. You can be creative of course and use words that wouldn't quite reveal what the book is about and yet catch a  reader's interest. That's one of the best ways of getting a person to read a book, and also by writing a short less-or not at all - revealing introduction as well.

Titles are the book's way of showing you what you should expect of it ( the same goes for the back of the cover on hard copies ) and thus it should be properly pieced together. For this you need to already have a plan or a chapter ready and from there find the essence of the story - the main idea and from that extract words which you would use to describe that main idea with. If the plot you've put together is about a stolen  bracelet as I mentioned above - then the main idea is the disappearance of the bracelet, how it got lost and how it got returned. From this information, you should be able to come up with a few summarizing words like for instance: The Mystery of The Rose - let's say the bracelet has a rose on it as well and with that extra touch-up information you got yourself a title that isn't revealing and will make the reader want to know more. The reader will not realize that the rose is actually a bracelet, and that moment is exactly the one which will make him/her want to know more.

And as a conclusion here's a very good ending to our lesson:

I hope you've learned a thing or two - or more with this first lesson! More will be coming soon, so keep checking!

~  End of Lesson 1 ~





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Quote Twili~ 2017-6-30 22:26
This is so helpful Juni! ~
Quote Meeso 2017-6-6 10:12
This is so helpful to me honestly since I like to write diaries and blogs and so. I think I'll take that into consideration too and try make my blogs more valuable <333 Thank you so much!
Quote PrincessKawaii 2017-4-11 13:05
O haha well you can always remake the cover - it's never too late for improvements Prensses xD
Quote MissPrensses 2017-4-10 20:56
To bad I didn't read this before I made te 'cover' of my story XD It was poorly made :P
Quote PrincessKawaii 2017-4-10 13:27
You're welcome Pearly glad I was able to help :)
Quote pearlcuteshine 2017-4-10 12:45
Thank you Juni! This is very helpful i'll be sure to use these tips!

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