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Lavender's Looks 4/2/17

2017-4-2 16:44| Publisher: Lavender-Marie| Views: 1674| Comments: 0|Original author: Lavender Marie

Description: Lavender's Looks is a section of the Pixie Daily Newspaper designated for fashion ideas, inspiration, and questions.

Hey, it's Lavender! Welcome to Lavender's Looks! In this weekly (or sometimes biweekly) section, I will be posting all my designs and outlining my inspiration and/or reason for creating it.


Here Comes the Bride

I made this one for a wedding dress contest*! I made it a little off-white to try and give a creamier color. (I had to made the flowers in my shade of purple, otherwise it wouldn't truly be me)


Feathered Friend

I've always wanted to use this skirt. I was feeling particularly avian that day, so I made a bird outfit! I really like the shape of the skirt, it hangs at such a nice angle. The top is a little glitched, so I like to think it's a breast plate of something like that.

Hollywood Glam

I've had my eye on this hat for a while, but I waited until I had just the right outfit to go with it. I'm quite proud of this one because it gives me old-timey vibes, while still looking like an ensemble a celebrity could pull off today. I would've used a different necklace, but this was the closest one I could find to fit my vision. I looove the figure of the skirt and I wish we could have the same skirt with less shading and no polka dots.


Knight in Shining-ish Armor

Faye put up a thread** in the Knights of the Round Table group asking about outfits for the club. There were 3 categories: Knight, Sorcerer, and Noble. This first one was my attempt at creating armor with fairy clothing.


I thought about what I wanted this to look like for a while, and finally decided on a swampy, scrappy looking witch who is still somewhat fashionable in her own weird/scary way. I based the whole outfit around the headpiece because I saw it in the hat section and immediately thought "YES".

The Nobility

This is the third and final outfit I created for Faye's contest. I think purple is a very royal color, so I mixed a colder shade of violet with a richer shade that's closer to magenta. I found out that if you pair the white pearl necklaces with this top, it looks like one giant pearl necklace.


Ice Queen

I made the 2 following outfits for a spontaneous Fashion Con. I won the 2nd round with my spring look, even though I personally preferred my winter look. In my head, I saw a snowflake fairy, so I did my best to recreate that here.

Spring Fling

Here is the aforementioned Spring look. When I think of spring, I always think of blooming flowers and blossoms on trees. This outfit was my attempt at making it look like my fairy took a newly bloomed flower and turned it into a fashion statement.

I also made some of my Paint War uniforms on this day, but I'll list those at the end.



I was Rhyme (or Thyme, I don't really remember. Maybe Pearl will remember) in the 2nd Funny Days scavenger hunt. We had to look like 2 bees, so I originally had yellow skin to match the rest of the outfit. I decided the yellow skin was a bit too garish to include in this, so here it is with my regular skin tone.



Yellow team won.


Pink team won (at least I think so, I'm not sure if the game ever officially ended)


This game hasn't been played yet, but the uniforms have been designed. These uniforms are my least favorite, but Paint War isn't really about looking cute anyway.

*Link to Wedding Contest: http://www.fairyabc.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1853&extra=

**Link to Round Table Contest: http://www.fairyabc.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1891

Have a wonderful day! Fly with you all! <3 Lavvy

Fashion quote of the day: "The joy of dressing is an art" - John Galliano





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