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PH Diaries: Chapter One: My Arrival Day

2017-3-29 00:12| Publisher: KawaiiPotatoes| Views: 2675| Comments: 0|Original author: KawaiiPotatoes

Description: The Tales of Ella Dazzlemoon

The wind blew gently. Total silence sweeping the air as a child is born, their first laugh filling the room for what seems like eternity. I am capable of hearing the joyous sound which ring through the air, slowly fading as I float further away from the Mainland. Little did I know that I was drifting towards my new home, Pixie Hollow. 

The single daisy flower transporting me began to descend, gliding me through a sandy glistening substance, otherwise known as Pixie Dust. My true form grows apparent as the magic dust begins to transform me. Wings appear on my back as a group of winged “creatures” gather around me. Most seem to be friendly, while others stare at me maliciously. 

A beautiful fairy named Queen Clarion approaches me and gestures for me to come forward. A circle of stones appear around me, floating objects within each one. The Queen notices my interest in the stones and slightly nods, inviting me to walk closer. 

My curiosity draws me to the flower, but I am unsure of what to do. The Queen gives me a knowing look, suggesting that I would figure this out on my own. My hand extends and as my fingers touch the flower, it immediately wilts. I flush with embarrassment, attempting to quickly move to the next stone. 

I nervously step towards the egg, but when I attempt to pick it up it cracks. The animal fairies politely smile at me as I cautiously look around at the remaining stones. The water bubble catches my attention and I feel a sudden connection to it. As I walk towards the bubble, the water talents all supportively smile at me. Once I pick up the bubble, a blinding flash of light shines through the Pixie Dust Tree, everyone gasping in surprise. 

"Presenting our newest water talent,” Queen Clarion exclaims.

"Ella Dazzlemoon!"

Note from the author: I hope you enjoyed the first short-chapter! More coming soon! 

Slightly edited by Cat <3 (Special thanks to Cat for this)

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