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The History of Pixie Hollow

2017-3-15 03:51| Publisher: Fzrasu| Views: 3691| Comments: 0|Original author: Monique Peterson|Location: In the Realm of Never Fairies

Description: Pixie Hollow was not always just a small patch of Neverland's forest.

Pixie Hollow was not always just a small patch of Neverland's forest. Long ago, it was a great kingdom separated from Neverland, covering forests, canyons, mountains, and lakes. In order to get there, you would need to fly through a secret portal hidden behind a waterfall.

Fairies would make their homes in flowers, mushrooms, tree stumps, or any other place they could find within Pixie Hollow. The Pixie Dust tree stood in the place of the home tree, providing fairies with the ability to travel the world. The charmed dust billowed endlessly from the heart of the enchanted tree, granting fairies the opportunity to fly and inspire humans to believe. 

The fairies lived peacefully for many years, until a devastating battle destroyed the Pixie Dust Tree. Pixie Hollow began to vanish due to the lack of magical dust and faith in fairies. This time, caused many fairies to grow fearful for their existence and the future of their home, until they found Mother Dove. 

- Taken from the book “In the Realm of Never Fairies, The Secret World Of Pixie Hollow” All credit goes to them.

Slightly edited by Cat and Ella <3

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