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Lavender's Looks 4/30/17

2017-4-30 22:49| Publisher: Lavender-Marie| Views: 2051| Comments: 0|Original author: Lavender

Description: Lavender's Looks is a weekly section of the Pixie Daily Newspaper designated for fashion ideas, inspiration, and questions.

Today, I only have 3 look ready. I was bombarded with things from school this week and had a band trip on Friday and Saturday (yay!). Because of this, I wasn’t planning on making a Lavender’s Looks this week because I have so little, but 3 is better than nothing!


Fun in the Sun

Summer is rapidly approaching, my friends! And with the anticipation of summer comes lots of beachy and water themed outfits! This look was inspired by the wonderful Autumn (OriginalMe3), who wore this skirt to our latest pool party in the Test Area. Her outfit was super cute, so I used the same skirt and went from there. The color scheme looks like some sort of exotic fruit to me (and I needed an orange in the look in order to match the wedge sandals).


Pink Squad (for Cecile)

This one was a group outfit! I matched with Faye, Pearl, Autumn, Cecile (Cecil’s cousin who is way better than him), and me. I lav all of you guys! Now, onto the outfit. I like this top a lot, but it looks kinda weird on its own (in my opinion), so I threw a scarf on it. Cecile is a cutesy child, so I made sure to wear a super cutesy headband and skirt to make her happy. As for the shoes, I have an obsession. These Mary Jane style shoes are my absolute favorite at the moment!


I Love You Faye <3

I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to say on the topic, but I want you to know that we all love and appreciate you. You are an essential member of the community and deserve to be recognized as so. Love ya bb <3

Have a wonderful day! Fly with you all! <3 Lavvy

Fashion quote of the day: "People will stare. Make it worth their while.” - Harry Winston




i don't care


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