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Lavender's Looks 4/23/17

2017-4-23 19:30| Publisher: Lavender-Marie| Views: 1527| Comments: 0|Original author: Lavender

Description: Lavender's Looks is a weekly section of the Pixie Daily Newspaper designated for fashion ideas, inspiration, and questions.

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Lavender’s Looks!


Native Sun

I actually have a document where I list all of my outfit ideas. I put everything on there so that I have an easier time finding a good concept when I’m feeling inspired. I have had just this Native American headpiece on my list forever, so I was happy when I finally got an idea for it! I went for some browns and feathers with highlights of red because that’s what I was feeling at the moment. I saw Bim’s username on the forums right after I made this outfit and I thought “Hmm..that would make a great name!”

Perfect Pink

There isn’t much of story behind this one. I was fiddling around, trying to find tops and bottom that match well together when I noticed how well this went together. Pink was just calling to me. I contemplated turning it into a Barbie look, but decided it wouldn’t work well enough with the blonde hair and didn’t have enough bling. The name simply came from my amazingly annoying adoration of alliteration.

Rabbit Realness

Here’s yet another alliterated title! This one was inspired by my waifu, Pearl. Since it was Easter last Sunday, Pearlie was in 100% pastel pink bunny attire. She was looking A+++ so I joined her as a rabbit. The tiny part of the ears that is undyeable bothers me to no end, so I made the entire outfit green to deal with it. I’m too much of a matchy freak to not incorporate the green into the color scheme. We got Cecil, Topaz, and a few others to join us for a picture. I love the animal masks too much (but probably not as much as Cecil *cough* he’s a furry).

My Wedding Dress

I believe describing the process behind this is against the rules.


Careless and Free

The next three outfits don’t have shoes, so excuse me for that. Shoes are for noobs (I’m kidding lol). I don’t know why, but I thought this skirt was undyeable for the longest time. I finally realized that it is, indeed, colorable when I saw someone wearing a red version of it the other day. I’m not sure how I like it because the yellow on the flower on my top clashes a bit with the light, minty green. I tried to use the necklace to cover it (which did not work whatsoever) but decided I liked the lowkey hippie feel it gave to the ensemble, so I left it anyways.


Pool Party

I attended 2 pool parties right after the test area opened up. This is my first swimsuit! The goal was to make it look like something a fairy could swim in even though there aren’t any articles of clothing made to be bathing suits. I’m happy with it mainly because of the incredibly fashionable scuba mask, to be honest.

Swim Swam

Here’s the second swimsuit I made this week! This one was for the second pool party we had in the test area. I made a thread* showing off everyone’s amazing looks. My thinking was pretty much the same as the first one except with different clothing,.


For this outfit, I used the top that reminds me of 2009 mainland clothing. I tried to imagine someone from that era, hence my use of the jean skirt and satchel. The hat wasn’t for any specific reason other than the fact that I’ve wanted to do something with it for ages and figured this was the perfect opportunity. I was going to give it more variation in color in order to give it a more realistic feel, but my OCD matching reflexes took over and changed it to a color scheme.

*Link to thread: http://www.fairyabc.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=2226&extra=

Have a wonderful day! Fly with you all! <3 Lavvy

Fashion quote of the day: "You can have anything you want. If you dress for it.” - Edith Head




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