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Lavender's Looks 4/16/17

2017-4-16 19:22| Publisher: Lavender-Marie| Views: 1681| Comments: 0|Original author: Lavender-Marie

Description: Lavender's Looks is a weekly section of the Pixie Daily Newspaper designated for fashion ideas, inspiration, and questions.

Hey everyone! I was pretty busy this week, but I still found the time to made some outfits. I kept forgetting to upload them, so the creation dates are all out of wack. I’m the only person it’s going to bother, but I thought I should point that out. It’s going to be a little shorter than usual because of the exorbitant amount of homework I have. Without further adieu, I present to you: Lavender’s Looks!



I was feeling sunny and bright again, so this outfit happened! There isn’t much of a story behind it. I was originally going to do an Asian inspired look, but that idea went down the drain. I thought the top looked vaguely Chinese, but I soon realized there weren’t the right clothes available to complete the look.

Hydrangea Beret

I’ve always loved the beret, but every time I saw it, I thought “I’ll use that later”. Later finally came and I decided to made an outfit that looked like a mix of chic and posh. The posh-ness (that’s not a word, Lav) is why I added the shopping bags. Overall, I think it turned out pretty well! I like this shirt, but to be honest, I prefer it blank, as opposed to having the tree pattern.



This outfit reminds me of delicate sea foam on top of a seashell. The way the lines on the bodice go together and blend from white to pastel aqua could even seem a bit mermaid-y. Actually, Seashell probably would’ve been a better name for this outfit.Well, it’s too late to rename it now!


Puce is such a harsh word. This outfit looks kinda harsh to me, so “Puce” it is! I’m really not a fan of the sunflower on this top, but it was a necessary evil to get that amazing collar. Pearlie and I twinned with this outfit ( I tragically don’t have any screenshots) and we looked like Pixie Hollow’s evil fairy godmothers. P.S. Stay tuned: Pearl and I have important news!

Orange Creamsicle

The following 2 outfits were made for HappyDerp’s (Aria) Thematic Weeks! I made this look for the orange theme. I knew everyone was going to show up wearing dorito orange, which isn’t flattering on me AT ALL, so I opted for a more subdued, creamy orange instead. I never noticed these shoes, but they're way cuter than I always thought! I actually hate orange creamsicles in real life, but who cares, amirite?

Half-Dead Leaf

I made this outfit for Aria’s second theme; green. Green always makes me think of dense forests and leaves, so I just went with it. The skirt looks like either feathers or leaves, but just assume they’re leaves, for my sake. I wasn’t feeling like wearing bright Tinker Bell Green. Instead, I chose the color of a half-dead leaf :D.  Who says you can’t be half dead and fabulous? No one, that’s who!

Splatter Skirt

This skirt is SUPER cute, but I always avoided it because I thought it was non-dyeable. When I have a full outfit planned out and I try to go get it dyed and it’s non-dyeable, that just kills my soul (lol what soul, Lav?). I noticed someone flying with this skirt around the hollow in a different color. I got super hyped and went to make an outfit for it immediately after.


I’m not sure who designed this, but I wore it for the Mother Dove Egg Hunt. I don’t have much to say about it, since I didn’t create it. Thanks to whoever made this :)

Have a wonderful day! Fly with you all! <3 Lavvy

Fashion quote of the day: "Fashion is what you’re offered 4 times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” - Lauren Hutton





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