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'Writing101' - Lesson 2: What does a story need?

2017-4-16 17:57| Publisher: PrincessKawaii| Views: 1444| Comments: 12|Original author: Juniper

Description: The second lesson of the 'Writing101' guide by Juniper

Hey everyone and welcome to the second 'Writing101' lesson by me - Juniper! Today we'll be talking shortly about what a story needs aka the elements a story must have and elements it should have in order to keep readers interested and coming back for more. 

Read away, and thank you for the amazing support on this so far - I truly hope it's helpful. 

p.s. All of these lessons are made out of personal experience. All the content is originally mine, except the images I use of quotes and such. 

Previously, in 'Writing101' we got to know each other and the basics of making your work stand out on a bookshelf. We learned how to improve our cover and title creating skills, and now we can safely move on to the next phase - developing the story idea and planning things regarding it. 

First things first - a few words about the planning. 

When you're trying to plan the events of your story you have to keep in mind that not every main event can come straight after the previous one. There have to be periods of 'breather' chapters as I call them inbetween. Now you must be wondering what these are. Well, I like to call them 'breathers' because they are gaps of breaks between important story events. For example there's one battle and then there's a chapter or two where something else happens - this is known as a side story - before the next one. You can use those for 'breathers' or just write something random that happens between the two main events. 

Another thing about the planning, before you even start writing you need to - no you HAVE GOT TO  have order in the events, meaning they have to be connected in a way - not completely but rather to stick to the main subject of the story. 

Now that we've got the planning out of the way I'll just stop here with this by recommending you to take notes when you write - since you most likely do this on your PC's use Notepad or OneNote - that way you won't forget ideas and even if they seem stupid at the time trust me you'll end up using a part of them or all of them in your story. 

This previously said thing is especially helpful when thinking of the order of events. 


The next bit of our lesson is about what parts a story has to have. 

A story needs three parts: a beginning ( an introduction to the following events in it ), a middle aka main part ( the one where everything we need to read about happens ) and an ending ( a sad or happy closure of your story ). 

The beginning is very important. It leads the readers slowly into the world you've been writing about, and at the same time doesn't reveal much about what follows in the main part/s. This here is important - you shouldn't reveal everything in your beginning nor the introduction of your book. 

Instead, build up suspense and not just there - suspense works in any part of your writing because it keeps readers on high alert since they're not aware of what's to come their way. 

The main part is equally as important as the rest. You need to have a good arrangement of events and the previously mentioned 'breather' chapters between them. This way the reader will have a few moments of relief and rest until another main event occurs, plus it gives you a chance to build up suspense again. 

The ending of the book is very important. It can carry a moral, or simply be happy, sad or there could be no actual ending. 

Yes, you read that one right. You could leave your story with a pending ending if you're writing a follow-up of it thus making it a series. 

This way you'll leave your readers in question marks and give them a chance to fantasize about what might be next in their favorite characters' story. 

Well, that's all for today's lesson and here's the pointers for you to remember from it: 

1. Plan carefully, use notes and build up suspense and make sure you use 'breather' chapters between events. 

2. There's always three parts of a story: beginning, middle and end. 

3. You can toy with the ending and leave your readers hanging if you're planning a sequel.

Thanks for reading everyone, I'll see you again soon with Lesson 3! 

p.s. If there's something you'd like to add or you have a question regarding writing be sure to add a comment below and I'll make sure to answer you. 

Also if there's something you do not like in these lessons don't hide it, share it with me so that I can fix it. 

~ Juniper  

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Quote MoonChildPotter 2018-11-23 23:46
I'm currently trying to write. Have writer's block though. This is super helpful, thank you!
Quote Meeso 2017-6-6 10:18
Thank you so much Juni! Your lessons are very helpful for me  <3333
Quote RubyLovely☻ 2017-4-25 19:02
i rate this eggs
Quote KawaiiPotatoes 2017-4-21 00:28
Fabulous work, Juni! Looking forward to more :D
Quote PrincessKawaii 2017-4-17 07:54
What I also failed to mention is that you need to not only put up the events of the story in a book but also describe the characters, like in the writing itself hint to what their likes and dislikes are for example.
Quote PrincessKawaii 2017-4-17 07:51
You're also all welcome I'm glad to hear that these things actually help xD
Quote PrincessKawaii 2017-4-17 07:50
MissPrensses: This is really great! Shouldn't we also have cliff hangers in between the story chapters as well?
Yes Prensses you should that's what I also mentioned above I think.....But yeah make cliffhangers and then at some point return to those in the sequel or by the end of the first book ;)
Quote Lavender-Marie 2017-4-16 20:57
This is very useful, thanks Juni!
Quote Twili~ 2017-4-16 20:40
Man this is good advice for when I'm writing the story to my game! ~
Quote pearlcuteshine 2017-4-16 19:13
Thanks so much Juni! I love your writing lessons they are so very helpful! :D
Quote MissPrensses 2017-4-16 18:43
This is really great!
Shouldn't we also have cliff hangers in between the story chapters as well?
Quote catcatherine 2017-4-16 18:00
Thanks Juni <3

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