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Never Dove Egg Hunt

2017-4-16 01:32| Publisher: pearlcuteshine| Views: 2309| Comments: 8

Description: Pearl's Pixie New is a source of all news and events that happen inside Pixie Hollow.

Hey guys! It’s been a pretty great weekend! We had a very special event: The Never Dove Egg Hunt! Many fairies participated and it was just flaptastic! I got many screenshots from the event! I played one of the “eggs” in the event! There was so much egg puns I was cracking up! :D

The event started when Mother Dove could not give out any of her eggs! Many fairies dressed up as the eggs so everyone could celebrate the egg hunt!


Here is a picture of Aria Snowbelle spotting me! I was hiding in Springtime Orchard!


A lot of the eggs gathered in the ballroom for an after party! There was also two of me hehehehe.


More eggs and pixies decided to join us later! Vidia and Silvermist were also dressed as eggs. :D


Aria Snowbelle (HappyDerp on the forums) was trying to help arrange us into a Rainbow Circle. This was very difficult and it took very long to set up. But it was also quite funny. Be sure to check out this thread she made here.Thank you Aria! :D

I also want to give a HUGE shoutout to Bim! She was such a great eggsplorer! She found all of us eggs! You did a great job Bim! Her user on the forum is nativesun.

This was only part one of the event! There was a part two today! I wasn’t able to make it to the egg hunt but I have some pictures at the after party!


My friend Topi sent me this picture and I think it’s just so cute and aesthetically pleasing!


Topi/Onyx celebrating her demiromantic pride!!!


Just eggs egging around. :P

Those were all the pictures I was able to find! It was a very fun event indeed! Thank you so much to everyone for the amazing egg puns. I’m going to leave a collection of Easter jokes that really crack me up! I hope you enjoy and have a flitterific Easter! (Also I think it's very appropriate to rate this article eggs :p )

What day does an Easter egg hate the most?


What do you call an egg from outer space?

An "Egg-stra terrestial"

What happened to the egg when he was tickled too much?

He cracked up.

What do you call a rabbit with fleas?

Bugs bunny

Also special shout out to Violet for visiting this weekend and making it so awesome!

She is the sweetest kindest soul bless her! <3

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Quote Twili~ 2017-7-3 16:58
Cute pictures <3
Quote Meeso 2017-6-6 10:41
I hope everyone enjoyed at that day! I wish I could've been there but I eventually traveled and yea... couldn't catch up with you guys but I'm glad you had so much fun! <333 Thank you for sharing those photos Pearl! (:
Quote HappyDerp 2017-4-30 00:24
I.. honestly did not notice this.
Welp. All I remember from that day were the pics we took lol.
Quote catcatherine 2017-4-16 18:00
Aw y'all are so cute
Quote Lavender-Marie 2017-4-16 12:56
Those puns are A+++
Quote Dewdropcx 2017-4-16 09:05
Also, a big shoutout to Pearly for being a great fairy journalist!! Love your articles girl <3
Quote Dewdropcx 2017-4-16 09:04
I was also a part of the first one as Juniper - I was a yellow egg and one fairy found me easily - my hiding spot was Maple Leaf Hill. I as well couldn't make it yesterday ( plus I forgot - whoopsie ) but it looks like you all had a blast!
Be seeing you today with a new writing lesson as well and I'll try to post something from here as Dewdrop too - if it's possible I have an idea so stay tuned!
Quote Morgana 2017-4-16 01:45
The first one was an absolute blast (I missed the second one)! And gahh, all these pictures are so cute! Very well written! I loved the lil shoutout to my queen, Vi <3

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