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So if we ever have to meet again

You will know

Your lies will never break my heart


Have you ever wondered where I go?

You won't know

You cried miles away

I won't again.
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mochimicho Yesterday 22:24
pastelheart: OCEAN EYES YESS
I only got into Billie's music a few months ago, but I'm already a very big  fan of her work! :') And agreed, it's one of my faves
CheesyKiwi2850! 7 day(s) ago
Your page seems so sweet, yet solemn.  I like it.
GoldenFlower 2018-5-6 21:53
pastelheart: No that's my favourite artist : Mree, you  should go check her out! Sadly, I have no idea how to add my own songs into my list or I swear I woulda add ...
I just downloaded your song from the thread "Again" and it ended up in my files where I can copy the address and put it in.
Dresses24 2018-5-6 08:35
pastelheart: Thank you sm :)
asdfgjkl; ofccc
Dresses24 2018-5-5 14:58
love your music ahhh <333
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    Besides music-making, I write.
    This site is a nostalgic place to escape to once in a while, real grateful for the rewrite!
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  • Mother's Day tomorrow! Remember to give her a fond appreciation :) Reply
  • Should I release another song..? Reply
  • I guess it's part of the beauty when life changes you painfully Reply
  • It's kinda bugging me how NASA is wasting their effort to protect Earth from asteroids hitting while politicians are all trying to nuke earth in world annihilation. Ungrateful people :/ Reply
  • Birds seems to be chirping a LOT lately at where I am. Perfect time for playing my guitar   Reply
"Let's Dance"
Remember back when we were young

When the spring comes easily

The music plays

You made your way

To me you say

Let's dance

Remember when you held my hand

You beckoned me, you smiled

The music plays

We made our way

For us we shall

Let's dance

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