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  • I wish living was more fulfilling. Reply
  • I'm finally a talent master!! Yay! Reply
  • "I have a lot of intrusive thoughts and they all fall under humor even though my life is collapsing" Reply
  • "I know what I'm doing. What, what AM I doing?" Reply
  • "I have a mild water allergy" Reply
  • "Mentally, I'm like 2 years old, and I'm tired, so that makes me, like, 1...years old" Reply
  • "What if we made an alignment chart of vines?" (Obviously, 'can I get a waffle' is lawful good. "road work ahead' is chaotic good. 'fre shavaca do' is true neutral.) Reply
  • "You spelled '1' wrong. How do you spell a number wrong?" Reply
  • "You're fantasizing over someone who's been dead for over 50 years!" Reply
  • "Let's burn the fire with fire!" Reply
  • "Sarcasm is my division, not yours" Reply
  • "I drink milk because I'm not real" Reply
  • "We're living in a terrible cliche 90s sitcom" Reply
  • "Oh look, a stick! Wait- I just got genuinely excited about a stick..." Reply
  • "Well, I'm done. I probably did everything wrong...Oh, well. It's meme time!!" Reply

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  • DescriptionHey, people! Welcome to my page!
    About me:
    -Harry Potter
    -Doctor Who
    -Star Wars
    -Welcome to Night Vale
    -cats and dogs
    -rude people
  • Hobbies-writing (poetry, horror stories, (mediocre) movie scripts)
    -painting (abstract)
    -Dungeons and Dragons (call me a nerd but there it is)
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentStorytelling talent

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Strangers passing by
Party tips for newbies 2018-10-08
Alright guys, sit down, shush up, and learn some things from this quick lil list of tips.  First of all, parties here HAVE to be fun; that's the ...
(1) Views|(0) Comments
8 Oct 2018: Dear Diary 2018-10-08
First of all, my terrible gremlin kitty is locked in my room while my mom prepares dinner. He is screaming at the door and needs to be quiet so I can ...
(1) Views|(0) Comments
6 Oct 2018: Dear Diary 2018-10-06
I finally submitted that essay I've been worrying about. Is it good? Not really. But is it done? Yes. I expect to get maybe a C, which is honestly goo ...
(1) Views|(0) Comments
5 Oct 2018: Dear Diary 2018-10-05
Today was pretty cool, I guess. I don't want to talk too much about school in case someone I know happened to find this page- I mean, they'd immediate ...
(5) Views|(0) Comments
4 Oct 2018: Dear Diary 2018-10-04
Our history teacher overworks us. We've got to make a video comparing the Reformation to a modern movement by tomorrow and we have that academic essay ...
(2) Views|(0) Comments
3 Oct 2018: Dear Diary 2018-10-03
I have to write a 4-page academic essay on the Reformation. No websites allowed, just books. I really don't want to do this. Can someone link me to so ...
(3) Views|(0) Comments

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smallapple403 Yesterday 11:56 AM
ihaveausername: I love your page's aesthetic!
aw thanks love urs too<33
LavenderAlice 3 day(s) ago
ihaveausername: You have a beautiful page! I've always loved celestial imagery, so it really speaks to me.
thank u soo much!I love these things too.
ViolinistGirl 4 day(s) ago
ihaveausername: I love your music choices! Nice page design.
Thank you!!  
RhapsodyFairy 5 day(s) ago
ihaveausername: Can I just say that your playlist is absolutely top-notch? Because it really is.
Thank you! I'm a huge fan of Disney and Green Day
amethystdayglow 6 day(s) ago
ihaveausername: Hey, man! I really like your page, and as a fellow Marina and the Diamonds fan, I feel like I have to commend your music taste.
eyyy thank you! marina is my spirit animal lol
Crystal2780!! 6 day(s) ago
ihaveausername: Hi, Crystal! I haven't seen you around recently- well, whatever it is, I hope it gets sorted out. Hope to see you in the game soon!
I have been around a lot more the past two weeks.  Yet, if I am in the game, I tend to play as a different character.
PrincessKawaii 7 day(s) ago
ihaveausername: Loving your page! My best friend is a total Loki fan and super convinced he isn't really dead so I can't help but think of her when looking at your sp ...
Oh, tell your friend he's not dead, none of them are - I'm pretty sure they'll use Ant Man in the second part of Infinity War for some time travel stuff and bring them back xD
GoldenFlower 7 day(s) ago
ihaveausername: You know, I forgot how nice your page is. The music you chose makes me think of my mom- she's very much into Christian rock and actually plays especia ...
Aww thank you. That makes ne really happy to know someone thinks that.  
tomatosoup 2018-10-7 11:44 PM
ihaveausername: Just wanted to say thanks for the buddy gift; it's too bad about the whole tickets things. But hey- be seeing you tomorrow at the gala!
Yup! Your welcome, and hope to see you there!
MidnightEscape 2018-10-6 07:10 PM
ihaveausername: What a neat page aesthetic! I've never really been into kpop personally but hey; I also hate soda so we've got that in common at least.
fashionstylist 2018-10-6 12:06 PM
ihaveausername: Lovely music choice with the classical; it really fits with the still and quiet theme of the page, and the nostalgia elicited by the gif of the 5.
Thank you  
Nelly2024 2018-10-5 08:17 PM
ihaveausername: What a beautiful page!
aw, thank you so much! <33
bim 2018-10-5 03:50 PM
ihaveausername: Your page is so cute!
thank you!! <3
MoonFields 2018-10-5 02:34 AM
ihaveausername: Loving your new page design! (if it isn't too new, whoops- that's the hiatus talking)
| Thank you! I actually edited this last week, so it's not too long ago. XD
Blue_Hiraeth 2018-10-3 05:30 PM
ihaveausername: I'm not honestly really sure; I used to do more mood settings (see: angsty teen who wants an outlet) but I've been venturing into existential explorat ...
That's really cool! Honestly, writing knows no bounds - it's incredibly liberating to dabble in different forms and different aesthetics :)
MiaSugarglow 2018-10-3 05:22 PM
ihaveausername: Lovely page aesthetic; I've always wanted to have a pastel color pallet, but alas my skin tone doesn't cooperate.
Thank you! I'm sure you can find a pastel aesthetic for your skin tone, pastel can look amazing with ANY skin tone! <3 I can always help if you want!
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