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  • I'm going on hiatus from Monday the 25th until Friday the 29th for a camp. :P Reply
  • page revision in progress!   Reply
  • my page keeps resetting   Reply
  • january snow is amazing Reply
  • Almost 1k vistors ^^ Reply
  • New page revamp :D Reply
  • Happy Thanksgiving! Reply
  • I'm dressing up as David Pumpkins for Halloween. Reply
  • Buttons = my lil kitten = pure adorableness Reply
  • Welp, I didn't get to continue on as a mod, but congrats to everyone that did. Reply
  • I FINALLY GOT A CAT AFTER PLEADING FOR 10+ YEARS TO MY PARENTS! It's adorable, and its name is Buttons. Reply
  • IMMA MINISTER (if I wasn't a member of the staff!) Reply
  • woot woot I got medals, y'all Reply
  • New page... val gave me the RWBY bug! (Thanks XD) Reply
  • WOAAH, WE'RE HALFWAY THERE! (Sorry, I couldn't resist..) Halfway to Minister! Reply
Happy Thanksgiving! 2017-11-23
Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone eats a lot of food and has a great day. 
(79) Views|(0) Comments
IT COMES OUT TOMORROW! I'm super excited, if you can tell.
(162) Views|(8) Comments
MINISTER! 2017-09-24
Yay! I would be officially a minister right now if I wasn't a member of the staff!  When I joined back in early April, I looked at the ministe ...
(142) Views|(1) Comments
New Mods! 2017-09-16
Woot woot! Congrats to all of the new staff!
(140) Views|(1) Comments
Credits 2017-09-14
I had 2703 credits, and then I went down to 2651 when I reloaded the page. Does anyone know how this happened?
(145) Views|(0) Comments
Hurricane 2017-09-11
I had school off because of Hurricane Irma, rip me, anyone else?
(174) Views|(1) Comments

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Nelly2024 2018-7-9 09:21
amethystdayglow: I love the gifs on your page :0
thank youuuu!! <33
Snowcloud 2018-7-1 00:06
Your page has such a peaceful appearance. It's really lovely.
anastasia-lock 2018-6-18 14:51
MoonFields 2018-6-18 11:19
| I still highly appreciate the cates.
Jasper 2018-6-18 01:52
Congrats on 500 hours!
GoldenFlower 2018-6-7 13:22
Still in love with your page <3
anastasia-lock 2018-5-18 12:03
zoealexak 2018-5-12 12:09
Monika!!!!! YES
GoldenFlower 2018-5-4 21:32
Such a pretty page!
babyhusky 2018-4-24 17:56
Hoi I think your monika is cute I like Yuri!
cottoncandysky 2018-4-10 08:43
j u s t  m o n i k a
BlushBunny 2018-3-28 14:04
Hoi, Cute page! ^^
thestargazer 2018-3-20 13:31
i love the little cat!!
Fuffeedoo1 2018-3-16 20:39
Your profile picture and userpage are just so adorable!!!!!!!
Selememe 2018-3-13 22:58
Cute page!
Cookies 2018-2-27 23:48
Awwhh your page is so cuuute! Cats are adorable :3
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