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anastasia-lock The day before 12:03
zoealexak 2018-5-12 12:09
Monika!!!!! YES
GoldenFlower 2018-5-4 21:32
Such a pretty page!
babyhusky 2018-4-24 17:56
Hoi I think your monika is cute I like Yuri!
cottoncandysky 2018-4-10 08:43
j u s t  m o n i k a
BlushBunny 2018-3-28 14:04
Hoi, Cute page! ^^
thestargazer 2018-3-20 13:31
i love the little cat!!
Fuffeedoo1 2018-3-16 20:39
Your profile picture and userpage are just so adorable!!!!!!!
Selememe 2018-3-13 22:58
Cute page!
Cookies 2018-2-27 23:48
Awwhh your page is so cuuute! Cats are adorable :3
catcatherine 2018-2-24 15:43
your profile picture is so cootttt
WinterSparkle 2018-2-23 18:41
I absolutely love your profile picture!!!  Monika looks so cute! Same with the sleeping cats <3
Twili~ 2018-2-23 10:50
think?* It cut me off because I talk too much
Twili~ 2018-2-23 10:47
amethystdayglow : Yeah, I was more than a little skeptical of it at first because I get scared extremely easily, but I regret nothing lol Was it bad? I've been thinking of playing it because I've heard such good things about it. However I've gotten very mixed responses. Some people say it's scary just because of Yuri and Sayori (idk how to spell it lol) and then other people are like the game is completely terrifying. I get scared super easily so i'm very cautious to play it. What did you th ... ...
SAIL0RSATURN 2018-2-23 09:18
monika!!! <3
Twili~ 2018-2-22 23:58
And your profile picture... is the game I was going on about in my activity post (It's DDLC). I despise horror games but it fascinates me how you go into the files to progress the story. o.o
(I haven't played it, but my friends have told me all about it. I'm too much of a scardy cat lol)
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