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  • I was playing Mario Kart with one of my friends the other day and he just announced "Hey, I think Link is hot" At least I know why he always plays as him Reply
  • Activities are back? Yay! Reply
  • Wade was so busy making out with his new girlfriend that they forgot to put a Rush song in Ready Player One Reply
  • I want to rip my hair out rn Reply
  • Note: The PS3 HDN game's only redeeming quality is the OST :) Reply
  • I HATE THE PS3 VERSION OF HYPERDIMENSION NEPTUNIA! That's why I'm so happy I'm getting the PS Vita version! Reply
  • I just made some bread in my head Reply
  • My school plays this music playlist every day during lunch, but they never shuffle it, so whenever the bell rings and we all walk back to class, All Star plays Reply
  • Just got back from my school's Winter Ball! :D It was Stranger Things themed. Reply
  • Extremely good news: I do not have a C- anymore, I have a B   Reply
  • I stayed up too late playing Megatagmension Blanc + Neptunia VS Zombies Reply
  • I'm scared... I have a C- in math   Reply
  • "You're going to have to clear more cookies than a fat kid at a birthday party" Reply
  • Today was the day Aoi Daichi died... but who cares, I'm getting a PS Vita! Reply
  • Ijust had a dream where my friend was super into anime waifus... lol Reply
French Homework 2017-10-17
My French homework tonight was to translate this song:
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Awkward PE Experience 2017-10-10
Today in PE I was walking around the field like we do every Tuesday, when this girl randomly comes up to me, wraps her arm around mine, and hugs me. S ...
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Warrior cat names for your fairy 2017-08-13
Oakheart Rainflower Moonflower Fireheart Firestar Sunstar Thunderstar Brightheart Mistyfoot Oakstar Mistystar Brightsky Ivystar Lilyflow ...
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Easy Halloween Costumes 2017-08-13
I know it's August and it's a little early for this... but I wanted to make this. 1-BEYBLADER (yeah I'm into Beyblade) Materials: Hoodie, jacket, ...
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The Closing of Pixie Hollow-From a Fairy's Perspective 2017-08-07
I woke up, yawning, as I stretched my arms above my head, ready for a long day, not knowing it would end early. I got dressed in my plain black garb, ...
(190) Views|(1) Comments
CRINGE! My Miiverse posts from the 3rd Grade 2017-07-26
I have been a member of Miiverse since November 8, 2013. I have had 3 accounts since then. This was my first account I had in the third grade: ht ...
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