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Pandora The day before 16:53
Need to keep the internet free with equal speed lanes for all. No to REVERSAL of Net Neutrality law. If it passes, don't know if it would affect viewing of FABC site by interested future members. Good chance though.
donkeyollie2004 The day before 08:32
pandora what do you think about net neutrality? is fairyabc in danger??
Venus 3 day(s) ago
Great taste in music! YAY HAVANA!
Jasper 4 day(s) ago
Pandora: Jasper! Liking your Muzak! Techno Pop YAY!  That last one is a head banger! I think my ears are bleeding. :P
LOL thank ya! That was the first song I ever added!
donkeyollie2004 4 day(s) ago
Pandora: What a nice thing to say! Thank you very Much :) You have been a loyal and active member of our community since it began. Thank You for being Here and ...
donkeyollie2004 4 day(s) ago
hi pandora :)) can i just say that you are a great person and friend and like YOUR DOING A GOOD JOB AT EVERYTHING. you are like my second favorite admin :
Dianano 7 day(s) ago
Pandora: Congratulations on becoming Minister!
Cyan 2017-12-5 20:01
Pandora: Great music whooo!
ali_berry16 2017-12-5 11:29
h a v a n a
disneygirlygirl 2017-11-22 20:45
wow you have alot of medals
catcatherine 2017-11-12 20:19
havanaaaaaa ooooo na na
Villiana 2017-11-6 14:49
Your music is lovely Pan! I love your page as well, its so cute! <3
아도라 2017-11-4 20:43
Pandora: Welcome Adora
Thank you for the warm welcome, Pandora! ♡
secretofmywings 2017-10-6 22:47
Pandora: Thanks! Figured out how to use MusicPleer. Not quite the way the instructions are given But! I found my way. :P
ooh, i got my music from vocaroo - great that exists otherwise i wouldn't have been able to put most of these songs up on my profile!  
secretofmywings 2017-10-6 22:40
i like your new music, pan! :)
Pandora 2017-10-6 08:13
Havanna is my latest favorite Camila Cabello! You just gotta dance!
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