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secretofmywings 2017-10-6 22:47
Pandora: Thanks! Figured out how to use MusicPleer. Not quite the way the instructions are given But! I found my way. :P
ooh, i got my music from vocaroo - great that exists otherwise i wouldn't have been able to put most of these songs up on my profile!  
secretofmywings 2017-10-6 22:40
i like your new music, pan! :)
Pandora 2017-10-6 08:13
Havanna is my latest favorite Camila Cabello! You just gotta dance!
Vivibunnii 2017-10-6 07:15
havanna oh nana ;))
amethystdayglow 2017-10-2 14:17
I PMmed you about the famous fairies!
Lorella 2017-9-25 15:33
Pandora: Welcome to FairyABC
Ty Pandora.
Pandora 2017-9-24 18:39
Sure! I'll do my best. Messaging her about a Cosplay tab too.
xdarkconqueredx 2017-9-24 18:36
Pandora: Oh and one called Cosplay?
Yes :) Mel and I were talking about this today and agreed to ask others about it; we concluded with the fact that it is indeed a necessity. Thank you Pan <3
anastasia-lock 2017-9-24 08:18
Pandora: Ty
Your welcome! ^-^
anastasia-lock 2017-9-24 01:53
I love your page pandora <3
catcatherine 2017-9-23 17:13
Pandora: Yeah, I will do that! Thanks Cat <3
It looks so pretty Pan ^-^ you welcome <3
Lavender-Marie 2017-9-16 12:09
Pandora: The theme song is written by Sean Lennon (John Lennon's son) of the Beatles.
That's cool! I like the duet by M and Vanessa Paradis, but I'm not sure who wrote the French version.
Lavender-Marie 2017-9-15 17:07
Pandora: Monster in Paris! I love that Movie and the songs, especially this one!
I actually haven't seen the movie, I just happen to like these 2 French singers :)
sky25 2017-9-13 08:16
It was that i used a wrong link to create a character. The correct link was other.
sky25 2017-9-13 06:47
Hey. Thanks for the help. The game support helped me. I can play already, i have a character. Thanks.
~Stacey~ 2017-9-12 19:21
your page is so pretty <3
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