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~Sky [Favorites] [Copy] [Share] [RSS] Ello sweeties! <333

  • Honestly, I like Agatha Christie's novels because I like crime stories, and Jane Auston for her books mostly about women's rights. Oh, and also, I brought four new rings from Accessorize   Reply
  • I brought two new novels last Saturday and they're called: "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert (eat pray love's author) and "The Home Of New Beginnings" by Lucy Diamond. Tell me if you know any of these! ... Reply
  • Just finished crafting a Mini notebook for my BFF! Her b-day is close so I figured to make her a DIY of mine! Happy b-day Dalila! <333333 Reply
  • I finally received the items I need to start crafting! YAY!! So, I'm soon going to craft a mini notebook and might post a thread about it! Be sure to check it out! PS any ideas for shapes on notes? Reply
  • I finally started crafting! Any requests of clay charms I might make for you/idea would be great! thank you so much for all your support! <333   Reply
  • I'm soon going to craft miniature items!   Reply
  • i like musiicccc   Reply


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  • DescriptionHello everybody welcome to my space! I'm Skylar nice to meet you!
    My sugar bbies
    Faye, Autumn, Pearl, Jasper, Ana, Lavy (lavender), Andrew, Alina, Fiona, Twili, Autumn (2), and believe me many more
  • HobbiesHmm..
    lol I like Reading Novels
    Swimming and going outside my house to stay away from all life's problems :S
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Buying My First Novel 2017-06-28
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Album choice 2017-06-13
Hello everybody! I am back with a new blog today! Hope y'all are doing great! Ok, so today I was scr ...
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Ma Musique
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WinterSparkle 2018-5-27 13:46
Meeso: rlly? thts great! :D and sorry for my late reply, but im not tht active on here anymore
Yeah, and it's okay
khloerose 2018-5-22 17:51
Meeso: Hello <333 sorry for my slow reply, but I'm currently having finals! and lol why not?
it's okay, i'm even more late than you! i'm in my last year of school, so i've been extremely busy w finals and projects and whatnot :/
WinterSparkle 2018-5-15 19:46
I know like 6 of the songs you have n your music box haha ;)
khloerose 2018-4-29 10:18
hello hii, i'd love to become a sugar bby :D
babyhusky 2018-4-22 17:58
I commented on your post for favorite kwamii and i may have included a little fan art XD
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