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Goodbye [Favorites] [Copy] [Share] [RSS] Welcome to my cocoon<3

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  • Good-bye! I am going to be taking a break from FairyABC to focus on school and family. Fly with you later. <3 Reply
  • I finally changed my page! Reply
  • I got to 500 visitors!!  Reply
  • I really want to see A Wrinkle In Time! Reply
  • Did anyone else notice the small butterfly at the bottom of my page, because I just did!  Reply
  • This is the fifth time I've read the Twilight series. I need new books!  Reply
  • I hit 200 visitors!!!!  Reply
  • I'm back guys!!!!   Reply
  • someone gave me a new nickname... Laur!!   Reply

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  • websitehttp://
  • DescriptionHi, I'm Laurel but you can call me Laur! You might catch me flying around the hollow every now and then.
  • Hobbiestaking pictures, reading, reading, AND more reading, listening to music, playing the piano, and watching Youtube.
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentGarden talent

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Fairy Name 2017-03-20
My fairy name is Laurel DiamondDust please comment your fairy name below so we can hang together!!
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Cookies 2018-6-22 14:03
Glitter11 : I'm sorry, I am leaving fairyabc because it no longer makes me happy. Most of the time when I play I am always comparing my page and fairy to others a ... I have always liked how your fairy dresses, and always love coming to your page because of how cute it is. Everyone is different in their own way you don't need to compare yourself to others because you look just as good! People like you for you, not how you dress or look like. You're an amazing person and a great friend and th ... ...
Cookies 2018-6-14 12:11
Glitter11: Bye Nia, I'll miss you.
Bye?? Why the bye ;-;
cosmoetic✧・゚ 2018-6-11 21:38
Glitter11: Who's Yanny?
your name is laurel but i hear yanny
GoldenFlower 2018-6-10 13:11
Glitter11: That would be a cool picture. Mine is a tree with butterflies as leaves, just to clarify lol
SwordKnight 2018-6-8 22:23
Yanny or Laurel? xD Nah jk, just passing by, peace out!
GoldenFlower 2018-6-7 14:21
I always thought your profile picture was a girl's hair shaped by butterflies.........
-Autumn- 2018-6-6 23:27
Glitter11: Your page is absolutely adorable!<3
Thank you!! <3
Villiana 2018-5-29 14:29
Glitter11: Yesssss Nilla, your page is GORGEOUS!<33
Thank you!! <3
MidnightEscape 2018-5-28 20:17
Glitter11: AHHH I love your new page design! Your profile picture is bomb<3
XD thanks
Cookies 2018-5-28 20:06
Glitter11: Yes my favorite song is &quot;Save Me&quot;!<33333 What's your favorite?
Oooh ''Save Me'' is a great song, that was my favorite too. A lot of their songs are too good to pick favorites, so they change everytime. I loveee the song ''The Truth Untold'' and ''Airplane Pt. 2'' right now!
cosmoetic✧・゚ 2018-5-28 18:25
but i hear yanny
Cookies 2018-5-26 17:53
Glitter11: Lucky! Florida is so fun!
It's so relaxing here
Villiana 2018-5-26 15:39
Glitter11: Are you going to decorate your page for summer?
Yep! I'm pretty excited. <3 Are you?
Cookies 2018-5-26 14:25
Glitter11: Yayy you're on summer break! Mine is in 3 days, I'm so excited! I am visiting some family in Minnesota over the summer, hbu?
Ooh sounds fun. I'm currently in Florida to visit family too, I loveee it here!
MidnightEscape 2018-5-25 22:50
smallapple403 2018-5-18 18:18
Glitter11: I LOVE your page! It's soooo pretty<33333
tysmmm hehe Im glad u liked it heheehe I like urs too>.<
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