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Crystal2780!! 2018-4-7 11:46
Did you change your backdrop picture?  It looks very beautiful!!
crystal1 2018-3-19 00:06
what day is the games for the fairies coming
crystal1 2018-3-18 23:12
Can you put in all of the games for pixie hollow world please.
StarNova11 2018-2-21 15:24
I was told that it is ur rule that no gifs w/ real ppl are aloud on my page. What is this abt? Can't I have gif w/ tv shows I like?
Venus 2018-1-19 22:07
Thank you so much for everything Su!
Meeso 2018-1-1 06:50
Happy New Year Susie! <33333333
Villiana 2017-12-14 22:52
Hi Susie, I really love your background, it's adorably enchanting. <3
donkeyollie2004 2017-12-14 09:33
su, what do you think about net neutrality? is fairyabc in danger??
Cookies 2017-12-10 17:15
Wow, I really love your video. The music, the visual, the feel, everything. It was all beautiful <3
Lorry 2017-12-3 12:41
really really nice & colourful theme! <3
LittlePixie16 2017-12-2 19:12
Hello I am new and looking for some help
PixieDelRey 2017-10-31 15:50
happy halloween su! i hope you really enjoy it!
HappyDerp 2017-10-21 21:51
Thank you for everything you do for us Susie. I really appreciate it, and I'm very sure all of the players here do too.
amethystdayglow 2017-10-2 15:47
Hi, I'd like to apply for a famous fairy. I PMmed you with more info!
Crystal2780!! 2017-9-26 19:28
For the record, I love your avatar!!  Butterflies truly are a spelltacular creature!!
PixieDelRey 2017-9-18 15:06
ahh, thank you very much for adding me onto the mod team! i wont let you or any of the other staff down :)
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