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  • Forgive me if part 2 of my Spirit Prep story isn't the best. The reason why I wrote Spirit Prep is to learn and develop my writing. For part three, I'll rewrite more. I may or may not rewrite part 2 Reply
  • I'm SOOOOOO sorry that my recent video wasn't my best. Life has been very, very stressful recently.    I hope you understand and I'll try to improve the quality of my videos. Reply
  • I'm done with my video break and I'm making a music video that you're gonna LOVE!!!!!!!          Reply
  • I'm taking a break from starting new video projects until the 16th of April because I do that during Mercury retrograde (and I'm busy with track). But I'll post the second part of Spirit Prep! Reply
  • I put the first chapter of the second part of the first Spirit Prep book on my computer and I'll likely post it on my userpage as a blog on the 31st! This chapter is one of my faves in the book rn! Reply
  • Good news!  I've finally completed two videos! I'll post one today and the other tomorrow. Reply
  • I added a new look to my channel (changed my avatar and channel art). Should I give this userpage a new look or keep it as is? If you have any userpage things you think I should add, lmk. Reply
  • HEYYYYY! I took a break from making videos for the holidays, but I'm currently working on three vids now event though I'm kind of busy. One will certainly be posted this month. YAY!   Reply
  • OMG! It's literally been exactly 1 YEAR since I first uploaded a youtube video on my channel! It feels like it was recently too!   Reply
  • I've been making videos in a slower pace recently because I'm busy with school. It might become even slower because track starts soon. But on the good side, I'm working on a series for my channel! Reply
  • I'm finally active on videos again!    Next music video will hopefully be within this week. Reply
  • Took a super quick video break just for today as an opportunity to be emotional.    I want to write stories with emotional moments. Reply
  • Sorry I haven't posted a video in a while. I was really busy and just got my wisdom teeth pulled, but I'm working on a lot of videos. My next music video will come out on Labor Day or the day after. Reply
  • Thank you SO much for helping me reach 40 subs! This means a lot to me! Reply
  • I'll be making my videos in a more relaxed pace for the next two weeks because things have been very busy lately and I need to get my motivation back. Reply

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  • DescriptionHi! It's Snowflake here! I'm just a teen that has a strong connection to the mystical life. Because I love the mystical realm, it's obvious that I love fairies. Feel free to check out my YouTube channel and blog! I also post stories on this userpage.
  • Hobbieswriting, arts and crafts, reading, making vids, dreaming, analyzing dreams, analyzing everything, astrology stuff, tarot, adventuring, running,
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Spirit Prep Chapter Twelve 2018-06-01
This is the last chapter of part 2. Chapter Twelve-From Searching to Wonder   One week later   I gaze ...
(11) Views|(1) Comments
Spirit Prep Chapter Eleven 2018-05-24
This isn't my best quality chapter, but I really like the story of it. Chapter Eleven-The Drawer of Lost Memories One Month Later ...
(11) Views|(0) Comments
Spirit Prep Chapter Ten 2018-05-14
Chapter Ten-A Shocking School Trip One month later   Standing in front of the main entrance of the school, I look a ...
(14) Views|(0) Comments
Spirit Prep Chapter Nine 2018-05-04
Chapter Nine-Dreams are to be recognized Two months later   As the end of the year draws near, and the strange sch ...
(12) Views|(0) Comments
Spirit Prep Chapter Eight 2018-04-28
Chapter Eight-Openness for Love Two Weeks Later   For the past two weeks, I’ve been feeling very tempted to cast ...
(21) Views|(0) Comments
Spirit Prep Chapter Seven 2018-04-15
I'm finally back with part 2! Chapter Seven-Return of the Memories I awaken with my back leaning on the comfortable, thick mattress staring a ...
(31) Views|(0) Comments

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RaeCollins The day before 09:14
Fuffeedoo1: Same with mine.
RaeCollins The day before 09:12
Fuffeedoo1: Sorry about that. Hopefully that room still looks nice though.
It is, though it's occasionally messy.
RaeCollins 3 day(s) ago
Fuffeedoo1: I'm good! I've been redecorating my room lately.
That is awesome! I share a room with two other siblings, so i never get the chance to.
RaeCollins 3 day(s) ago
Fuffeedoo1: Oh, hi! How are you doing?
I'm good! How are you?
RaeCollins 5 day(s) ago
Twilaa 6 day(s) ago
Fuffeedoo1: Hi! I love your page background! I love stars. I draw too BTW.
Thanks, same here! :D
Pandora 2018-6-14 13:34
Great FairyABC Anniversary Video. Love it!
neverland42 2018-6-11 20:42
Fuffeedoo1: Thanks so much! <3
You're welcome!  
neverland42 2018-6-10 22:48
Fuffeedoo1: Your fairy is really pretty! I like to write too.
Thank you so much! Your fairy is pretty too!  
neverland42 2018-6-10 22:47
Cool page!
GoldenFlower 2018-6-10 13:11
Fuffeedoo1: The background of this page is so pretty! I love galaxy things!
Thank you so much!
Kouiya 2018-6-10 09:57
Fuffeedoo1: Welcome to FairyABC! I'm Snowflake! I like drawing too.
Thank you! Drawing is so fun to do lol
MoonChildPotter 2018-6-4 23:36
Fuffeedoo1: Hi! I love your page! I also love home decorating!
Thank woo! :3 Can't wait to decorate when 2.0 is released hehehe
~ XO Moon
MoonChildPotter 2018-5-31 23:16
Fuffeedoo1: Hi! I love your page! I also love home decorating!
Why thank you, you are too kind! I love your page, love the starry theme!
~ XO Rose
Dresses24 2018-5-7 08:13
Fuffeedoo1: Thanks so much!!!!! I like your videos too!
aww omg someone actually watched them lol yayy
Dresses24 2018-5-6 08:34
Fuffeedoo1: Yay!!!!!
haha your videos are so cool! XD
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