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  • In addition to, I make music videos (mostly KH ones), tell stories on, and watch shows and movies.  I also play select video games, draw (sometimes), & tell more stories!! ... Reply
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  • DescriptionHello There!!I have no clue what to state here. Then again, I am a Loyal Disney fan, a Kingdom Hearts fan, and my favorite fairy-tale story is ''Peter Pan''.
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"Kingdom Hearts 3" Story (Possible Sneak Peek)!! 2017-09-28
Seeing as I still am not quite sure what to say in these blogs, I decided to share with all of you a full chapter from my first major "Kingdom Hearts ...
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Addition of Music? Yet.... Why Those Songs? 2017-09-27
Hello There!!  Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.  This is my second post, and I honestly am unsure what to state in it!! ...
(19) Views|(2) Comments
FIRST ENTRY -- True Friendship!! 2017-09-26
Hello There, everyone!!  Welcome to my blog. To be honest, this is the first blog I have ever created.  So, I am not exactly sure what to ...
(29) Views|(0) Comments

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StarNova11 2018-6-10 21:20
Crystal2780!!: I LOVE your Music section!!  I would like to add ''I Can Only Imagine'' to my own playlist.
Yet, due to an incident where I defended my Faith against  ...
I am glad you stood up for what you believe in. I hope I don't get reported.
Jeocalix-Inminf 2018-5-30 16:12
Crystal2780!!: I like your profile picture!!  My Sister, RedYuley727787, shall certainly love it, too -- Fawn is her favorite Disney Fairies characters.
Crystal Thanks!!! I already put a picture to all the profile
PixieDelRey 2018-5-24 22:23
Crystal2780!!: I have not seen nor heard from you for a very LONG time!!
ive been dealing with my personal life. ill be back offically eventually
zance 2018-5-18 18:47
Crystal2780!!: I had to laugh at the link in your description.  Nice page!!
Thanks, Crystal!
thestargazer 2018-3-16 08:27
i love curious george!!
Crystalstar 2018-3-12 15:58
Crystal2780!!: Welcome To Land!!
RedYuley727787 2018-3-12 00:54
Thank You!!  Yours is nice, too!!
Cookies 2018-3-11 14:37
Crystal2780!!: I am not too sure about that.
I have been on a large server with a few players, a server I created.  Everyone except me refreshed over and over again. ...
omg this was so long ago xD
Rosesandstars8 2018-3-10 21:44
how may i become a administor?
spaghetti 2018-2-20 11:01
i hear you like disney
it's obvious in your music box lmao
Akui 2018-2-10 17:19
Crystal2780!!: Akui, how does someone PM you?
Please read my tutorial.
Fuffeedoo1 2018-2-1 20:07
Hi! I'm a Disney lover too and I also make videos.
Rosesandstars8 2018-1-31 17:43
how do i make my playlist?
Shiloh-chan 2018-1-31 14:20
I hope everything's going well for you friend! I'm glad I got to know you more..My present' impression of you contrast immensely from what it was initially. Just remember to take a breather every now n' then if someone urk's ya a-bit xD.. remember everybody has their bad days heh' Ik I do.. welp, bai bai! ~ Shiloh
donkeyollie2004 2018-1-19 16:24
Crystal2780!!: Hello There.  Long time, no see.
donkeyollie2004 2018-1-19 14:16
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