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  • HEYYYYY! I took a break from making videos for the holidays, but I'm currently working on three vids now event though I'm kind of busy. One will certainly be posted this month. YAY!   Reply
  • OMG! It's literally been exactly 1 YEAR since I first uploaded a youtube video on my channel! It feels like it was recently too!   Reply
  • I've been making videos in a slower pace recently because I'm busy with school. It might become even slower because track starts soon. But on the good side, I'm working on a series for my channel! Reply
  • I'm finally active on videos again!    Next music video will hopefully be within this week. Reply
  • Took a super quick video break just for today as an opportunity to be emotional.    I want to write stories with emotional moments. Reply
  • Sorry I haven't posted a video in a while. I was really busy and just got my wisdom teeth pulled, but I'm working on a lot of videos. My next music video will come out on Labor Day or the day after. Reply
  • Thank you SO much for helping me reach 40 subs! This means a lot to me! Reply
  • I'll be making my videos in a more relaxed pace for the next two weeks because things have been very busy lately and I need to get my motivation back. Reply
  • Hi. If any of you are available in the middle of July, please PM me if you're interested in being in my How to Believe music video. I'll message you back when I'm ready to film.   Reply
  • Hi I just uploaded by summer solstice special; Summer's Just Begun! I also have 2 other music vids planned for early July and MAYBE late June. One of them is the 4th of July special! Reply
  • My next music video will be uploaded on the solstice!   Reply

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  • DescriptionMy main fairy is a light talent named Snowflake Neverlily. I am a Capricorn with an obsession with astrology. I also enjoy creative writing. I make Pixie Hollow related videos too. If you want to, check out my youtube channel named after my fairy.
  • Hobbieswriting, arts and crafts, reading, making vids, dreaming
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentStar counting talent

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Meeso 2018-1-2 06:13
Fuffeedoo1: Happy 2018 to you to!!! <3
Thanks! <33333333
Meeso 2018-1-1 07:03
Happy New Year! <33333333333333
Fungirl99000 2017-12-20 18:38
Your page is very pretty :3
Sacul 2017-11-30 23:19
Fuffeedoo1: I love your background!
SAIL0RSATURN 2017-11-27 21:13
Fuffeedoo1: Yay for daydreaming!
its such a fun thing to do :3
PixieDelRey 2017-11-23 15:50
Fuffeedoo1: I'm a Capricorn!!!
cool :3
PixieDelRey 2017-11-23 15:50
Fuffeedoo1: I'm a Capricorn!!!
cool :3
PixieDelRey 2017-11-23 15:50
Fuffeedoo1: I'm a Capricorn!!!
cool :3
PixieDelRey 2017-11-23 13:27
Fuffeedoo1: I love astrology too! Your page is so lovely!
ooo, what are you? I'm a libra ^3^ also tysm
vermont 2017-11-20 18:40
Fuffeedoo1: Welcome back! I love your page BTW!
ty and ty!! <3
MoonFields 2017-11-17 05:34
Fuffeedoo1: I love stars too!!!!!!!!!
| Yeeeee starssssss~
FloraSeastone 2017-11-9 18:32
Fuffeedoo1: I really like your fairy's dress!
Thanks, Snowflake! I tried to make it water-talent worthy.
Your page is pretty, too. The glowing stars make it so cozy. Definitely appropriate for Daylight Savings time . . .
vermont 2017-11-5 08:26
Fuffeedoo1: Your page is so pretty and the music is beautiful!
Thank you so much!! <3
PixieDelRey 2017-10-31 14:02
happy halloween!
SapphireGlitter 2017-10-28 13:31
Aw thank you so much! Your fairy and page are very pretty too!
Fungirl99000 2017-10-24 16:42
Fuffeedoo1: Your page is so pretty!
Thanks! <33
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