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  • DescriptionHi, I'm Juniper - also known as June and Juni ingame - I'm a six-year old water talent who loves everything that's connected to bubbles - oh and rainbows too! Anyways, feel free to explore my page and text me - I'm almost always around to reply!
  • HobbiesA part of the FairyABC crew - Writer/Moderator
    Writing fanfiction over on Wattpad - @mtrainpanda; @catfordyep
    Own a Tumblr - not active much though: BandLife21 or mtrainpanda - the username
    Love music, animals, chocolate and candy and of course reading!

    Current reads: Kiss Cam; Chosen; Geek Girl;
    ~ Lots of love, rainbows and sparkly dewdrops to all ~
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentWater talent

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Autumn 2017 Lookbook - by Juniper 2017-09-26
Well, hello again friends! This blog is dedicated to autumn - a season we all were expecting and were going nuts over while the summe ...
(41) Views|(6) Comments
My first story blog 2017-09-26
Well, hello there everyone! I just discovered this handy-dandy thing and thought of using it for my story sneak-peaks in the future and p ...
(53) Views|(4) Comments

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  • Now I'm debating with myself on whether or not I should change my profile picture into something non-fairy-like. Reply
  • - As I was saying there's a Tumnlr page which is always up to date for this show: Make sure you visit it for all the latest info and episodes from now on.   Reply
  • Also for those fans out there who didn't know - the Miraculous Christmas Special - Pire Noel in French is out already as well as in English - via Netflix and their Youtube and its for US only. But - Reply
  • Well just remembered how to do this again lol    Anyways I am literally in over my head with Miraculous Ladybug. Someone really help me here because Chat and those tights.   Reply
  • By the way I'm totally obsessed with 1 of 1 from SHINee - especially the first song. God.   Reply
  • I love my spooktakular Halloween-themed profile! And also thanks a lot for visiting me everyone - it means bunches!   Reply
  • Hai everyone hope you like the new profile look - just figured out how to make this lol xD Reply
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Cookies 2017-10-25 15:03
PrincessKawaii: Don't have the 'Kawaii' in meh name for nothing      Thanks tho :3
You're welcomeeeeee
Cookies 2017-10-24 23:48
Oooh, cute spooky halloween space xD
sp0ngeb0b 2017-10-20 11:04
wow i <3 your page!
Fuffeedoo1 2017-10-19 13:57
I love what you did to your page!
amethystdayglow 2017-10-8 17:25
WinterSparkle 2017-10-7 10:22
PrincessKawaii: Thank you your profile pic is very cool as well   
Thank you!
WinterSparkle 2017-10-6 16:28
Your page is so cool!! Love the profile pic!
Solariopa 2017-10-6 11:12
PrincessKawaii 2017-10-3 02:17
Updated my music list and my entire page in general! Check it out ya'll!
smallapple403 2017-9-22 19:25
oooh nice page :D
Cookies 2017-9-19 23:35
O v e r w a t c h .
D . V A
This is literally one of my favorite maps in the game, and used to be my only main <3
Lavender-Marie 2017-9-19 18:08
PrincessKawaii: Fits me name does it not   
It doessssss
CelestialNebby 2017-9-19 15:43
PrincessKawaii: Thank goodness I'm not alone xD
Hhhh, I've always really wanted to play Overwatch, it looks sooo fun and I love all the characters and those animated shorts ouo
CelestialNebby 2017-9-19 11:25
Lavender-Marie 2017-9-18 21:15
littlemisskpop 2017-9-17 11:13
PrincessKawaii: Haha thanks so much, only wish the profile picture wouldn't take so darn long to change XD
lol! cant wait to see it
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