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It's Susie here! [Favorites] [Copy] [Share] [RSS] I Love Summer Days

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PixieDelRey The day before 01:00
the background makes me smile :3
Pandora 2018-6-27 14:37
Ooooh! I really like this background!  
Nelly2024 2018-6-25 10:46
I really like your page, the background is very pretty!
Pixielover1515 2018-6-12 17:08
ur background is pretty btw
Pixielover1515 2018-6-12 17:08
can you melt the snow on 1.0 and add new stuff
Villiana 2018-6-3 16:59
Susie, I love your background!~ Such a nice shade of pink, it's beautiful. <3
-Autumn- 2018-6-2 18:47
Fzrasu: just out of curious, does &quot;suffer maybe&quot; mean &quot;sign up the contract maybe&quot;?
Haha, essentially yes. It's a reference from the anime series, Madoka Magica!
Akui 2018-6-2 17:03
Hello. I feel really bad for asking this, but why do I keep becoming nude on the 2.0 version? I also cannot change into pants because my journal will not open that tab. Additionally, my eyes keep turning blue but I am more worried about not being able to wear pants.
Sorry about that ridiculous question.
Pandora 2018-5-27 21:55
So Glad Su <3 The Power of Love for Fairy ABC is Real!!!
lotuscup 2018-5-26 06:30
Fzrasu: Thank you Lotuscup
np happy to help fairy abc online
lotuscup 2018-5-26 03:57
hello, whats happend to wishing to donate to keep fairy abc online,cant find thread wish to donate thank you xx
eleanorpixie 2018-5-18 23:07
Beautiful music! What language is it though? It gave a vibe of the Tibetan mountains where children could run freely all day :)
Rosesandstars8 2018-5-17 13:03
Thank you for answering my question!
Savannah 2018-5-15 03:13
Hey! I have a problem. I'm trying to play the game but it won't let me in... Pls. help
RedYuley727787 2018-5-1 21:53
Are you coming back to us soon?
Some of us are getting worried your absence has been too long.
If you intend to return, please respond.
Please And Thank You!!
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