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Video Test
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PixieDelRey 6 day(s) ago
ahh, thank you very much for adding me onto the mod team! i wont let you or any of the other staff down :)
sky25 2017-9-13 05:51
Thank you ,so much, The new create link for fairyabc worked perfectly. Thank you so much!! :D
sky25 2017-9-12 18:09
It always redirects me to the missing page, when i'm going to play the game/create a fairy. PLZ Answer Me! I need HELP!
sky25 2017-9-12 18:08
Hi. I am new. I can't play the game. I can't create a fairy. In the fairy creation page it redirects me to the missing page. I have tried everything. Cleared cookies cache history... Im using Windows 10 google chrome, i signed out and signed in again and it dont works. Help. Also my IP has two accounts created. Maybe the error its due to the same IP being used,. PLZ i need help. I don't use the previous account anymore, i only use this one now. i also logged first on the forum and later logged i ... ...
Villiana 2017-9-3 18:15
Hi Susie! How have you been? I wanted to inform you that I sent you a PM. <3 Have a wonderful day!
LabsNotDabs✨ 2017-9-1 18:45
Fzrasu: Sorry, at this moment it works for admins only, but i will try making it possible for everyone.
Thank you Su!
LabsNotDabs✨ 2017-9-1 18:34
Your page looks really cool! Can regular users get videos on their pages also? I have tried, but it hasn't worked.
cmlujan 2017-8-27 22:39
Fzrasu: You are welcome and i am glad you liked it
thank you again! <3
Twili~ 2017-8-27 21:04
Fzrasu: Thank you Twili
Susie do you have any idea why the game says that the plugin is missing?
Twili~ 2017-8-26 12:00
I love your page susie <3
cmlujan 2017-8-25 23:21
Thank you so much for bringing this back!! It was my childhood and I played on it until I was 15, I'm 19 now and I still love it!! <3
pearlcuteshine 2017-8-24 09:39
Fzrasu: ministers can put videos to their pages i think
Aw well some of my friends who are ministers tried to but it didn't work. Maybe you can make a tutorial?
SapphireGlitter 2017-8-24 05:40
Your page is so pretty i love the ocean theme! I'm a water talent so i find water very calming.
pearlcuteshine 2017-8-23 12:21
Su will we ever be able to put videos on our pages? That's be awesome!
Villiana 2017-8-20 21:15
I love your new profile picture Susie! The butterfly is quite beautiful. <3
cincin29 2017-8-15 09:19
umm... i don't know if you have visited disney's web page about the old pixiehollow to get more pic and clothing but here is the web site. www. disneysonlineworlds. com then look to your left u will see pixiehollow. enjoy going down memory lane. :)
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