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  • Prep day today *sigh* Reply
  • RIP, Cookies. Starting school way before me. GL with school mah friend ;w; Reply
  • Fairy Friendship Festival: August 6 at 5 PM PST--Springtime Orchard Imma going! Reply
  • What were the last minutes of Pixie Hollow like? Here's a link: I think the thread was saged because it's a sad topic. ... Reply
  • My arrival party's tomorrow at 5 PM CDT! I'll remind you guys as well tomorrow! Reply
  • There's never enough yellow or gold with me around. Reply
  • I posted Stella's showcase! Reply
Talents and their Quirks - Part 1 2017-08-01
Every talent in Pixie Hollow has their little specific quirks, and we're going to explore them. No matter how subtle a talent may seem, all of them ...
(28) Views|(1) Comments
A Fairy's Wings and Pixie Dust 2017-07-31
Wings are delicate and important. Using pixie dust alone is not enough to support the long and arduous tasks that a fairy must endure on a daily basis ...
(42) Views|(3) Comments

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HappyDerp The day before 21:03
Solariopa: I wonder if I can taste it someday, heh. I'm interesting in trying it!
I ate KFC here in the States. I decided to only eat it in Peru after that.

It was that bad to me. Definitely not finger licking good.
HappyDerp The day before 16:21
Peruvian KFC is better than American KFC by an infinity percent.
secretofmywings 3 day(s) ago
your page is so inspiring, stella! IT GIVES ME LIFE
wanderlust 4 day(s) ago
this page is lit
ka bum tsssSSSSsSSSSsSsSSsSS
wanderlust 4 day(s) ago
anastasia-lock 5 day(s) ago
HeyitsCyan 6 day(s) ago
Solariopa: EY, CAYAN <3
HappyDerp 7 day(s) ago
Be.. My
.... GUESS
Jasper 2017-8-7 09:03
Solariopa: THIS PAGE. Mine's like all yellow and yours is all purple. Also, welcome back, but I know you don't know me much xc
THANK U ♥♥ we can def hangout sometime c; your page is also amazing
RubySugarGlow 2017-8-6 23:18
Hai had so much fun with you at the Friendhsip festival!
Nora 2017-8-6 13:18
Solariopa: Thankees <3
What can I say except you're welcome?
Nora 2017-8-5 17:52
Nice page!
ND1103 2017-8-5 17:12
Your page is beautiful! I love it
Rulgoma♥ 2017-8-5 10:16
Solariopa: Beautiful aesthetic on your page.
Thank you!
TinkeeBell 2017-8-2 09:37
YES I LOVE LINDSEY STIRLING + your description also describes me
Torrine 2017-8-1 09:49
This page is super pretty, with the golden lights :)
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✰Credit goes to Wanderlust for this pic✰

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