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10th Anniversary Celebration Week 6

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Fuffeedoo1 Post time 2018-10-9 16:43:31 | Show all posts |Read mode
Hello, hello everyone! If you don't already know, we're celebrating the ten year anniversary of the original Pixie Hollow online world release this fall. I've been posting a nostalgia post every week leading up to the 22nd (i'll post the last one on the 21st).

Now, I'm going to talk about the Never Council. They're a team of fairies that posted on the Never News blog and have sometimes visited as famous fairies on FairyABC. They sometimes even made cameo appearances in Tinkerbell movies.
Sweet Pea:
Best friends-Marina and Tabby
Favorite flower-Daisy

Likes-Parties, flowers
Dislikes-Rainy days, snakes
Personality-Sweet, dramatic, playful

Favorite animal-Butterflies
Favorite food-Strawberries
Closure-"Happy Flapping!"
Hobby-Playing Crazy Cakes

Sweet Pea talked about fun Pixie Hollow stuff like events. She did the most posts out of the other Never Council members. She made a brief cameo in the Pirate Fairy.

Best friends-Kit and Slate
Favorite flower-Hycanith

Likes-Fashion and music
Dislikes-Bullies and the color grey
Personality-Artistic, easygoing, friendly
Favorite animal-Fish
Favorite food-Blueberry pie
Closure-"See you round the waterfall!" or "Drip, drop but don't stop flying!"

She shows sneak peaks of new stuff entering the Hollow, such as new outfits. She visited the Hollow the most as she ran the monthly fashion spotlights. Her appearance changed in early 2011 along with the release of the art month hairstyles. She was in the Pirate Fairy and was Silvermist's partner in the Pixie Hollow Games. She also had a quest area in the Fairy Coliseum.

Best friends-Marina and Slate
Favorite flower-Carnation
Likes-Playing hide and seek
Dislikes-Laundry day
Personality-Loyal, inventive, good listener
Favorite animal-All!
Favorite food-Macaroons
Closure-"Keep it Dusty!"

Kit posted about technacal stuff in the game such as new updates. She had a quest area with mainland quests. She also had an appearance in the Pirate Fairy.

Best friends-Kit, Marina
Favorite flower-Aster
Likes-Playing talent games
Dislikes-Things that don't work, cleaning
Personality-Adventurous, daring
Favorite animal-Bears
Favorite food-Fairy toast
Closure-"Later talent gamers!"

Introduced in April 2010 along with sparrow men, Slate is the newest Never Council member. He posted info about games. He only posted about 16 times in the Never News and only visited as a famous fairy in 2010.

Best friends-Schelly, Sweet Pea
Favorite flower-Lilly
Likes-Stories from the mainland
Dislike-Not knowing what's going on, sad endings
Personality-Curious, ambitious, outgoing, talkative
Favorite animal-Hummingbirds
Favorite food-Buttercup nectar

Though Tabby was never in the Never News, she answered questions in the Pixie Postings. She also made cameo appearances in the Great Fairy Rescue, Pixie Hollow Games and the Pirate Fairy.

If you want even more nostalgia than what I can do, here's a link to ALL the old Never News posts:

Now let's get into animal friends! They were introduced in February 2010. The pets you could get were fireflies, ladybugs, hummingbirds and dragonflies. Each pet would have a different food they like to eat and a different game they like to play:
Fireflies-honeycombs-a memory game
Ladybugs-buttercups-this ball and cup game with the ladybug and walnut shells
Hummingbirds-blueberries-a game where you use the pillow to keep the bird up in flying practice
Dragonflies-meadow grass-a racing game

You'd need to feed your pet, heal when sick at Elixa's (when diamonds came out, you can use a healing potion if you want to), and play with it. Here are the stages and tricks you can do:
Youngling-Sing (the one which many people in the ballroom spammed before famous fairy visits, yes, I was guilty of that)
Full grown-Double flip

And when full grown, you can release your pet to the mainland to get a new one.

In October 2010, bees came to Beck's. They ate rose petals and their game was a Bee's Eye game. And later that year, pets would sometimes bring you gifts (like clothes they can wear) if happy, healthy and full. They sometimes brought special gifts during events.

Butterflies came out in spring 2013, and they worked differently. They were automatically full grown and always happy and healthy. They gave the better gifts, but they can't wear clothes. Their food was lilly petals.

One of Pixie Hollow's newer features was gardening. It came out in the spring of 2012. Every fairy would get a garden to decorate. They could use diamonds to plant seeds and grow treats, decorations (including plants), dyes and outfits. Seeds could take 1, 3 or 5 days to go (you can speed things up with diamonds). There were also special seeds which give a part of an exclusive outfit. If enough friends sing to your plant, you'd get a bonus gift.

Seeds were restocked every season and would frequently be given as event gifts.

Thank you so much for reading this post and I'd love it if you'd share some old Pixie Hollow stories in the comments if you want. I got some of this info from the Disney Online Worlds site.

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ihaveausername Post time 2018-10-9 18:07:06 | Show all posts
It's so fun to see where we came from. Personally, I had a hummingbird and a bee and I do remember gardening, though I left soon after it was instated.
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Queen Clarion

Pandora Post time 2018-10-10 10:05:07 | Show all posts
Once again, GREAT information about PH!  I never knew these Fun Facts!
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LovelyRae Post time 2018-10-10 11:13:05 | Show all posts
Wow this is cool!
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PearlSnow Post time 2018-10-10 14:53:49 | Show all posts
Wonderful fun facts about PH! I don't think I ever made it to the time they had pets in the game though, so it's nice to learn about them!
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