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[Party] Fashion Contest Friday (FCF) Pictures 2/9/18

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Blue_Hiraeth Post time 2018-2-10 03:42:59 | Show all posts |Read mode
Hello fairies & sparrowmen, I hope you’re having a flitterific day!

First off I just want to apologize for not putting up a reminder thread on Thursday evening. I was working on putting together a list of games for the Twin Party tonight and just plum forgot. It's totally my fault, hopefully it didn't throw anyone off too much.

A big thank you to everyone who came to yesterday's Fashion Contest Friday! It was a little hectic but still lots of fun! This week I wanted to switch things up and try to rotate judges to make sure everyone who was interested had a turn and to get a new perspective for each round. All our judges are incredibly appreciated and do an amazing job; I'm hoping by having new ones each round it'll create the best potential in keeping things fair and fun. If you are interested in judging future FCFs we are always looking for new fashion enthusiasts! I love hosting FCF and hope to continue to better it a little each week to help it be the most fun it can. I will always appreciate feedback whether it be positive or negative (as long as it is constructive and not malicious of course) and welcome suggestions for tweaking future FCFs.

There were many contestants & observers and I may not have gotten screenshots of everyone. If I missed anyone, or accidentally included an observer in the participant list, I apologize. Also please feel free to reply to this thread if you were a contestant so everyone can give you a round of applause for your fashionable talents! The entries are listed below (The participant photos are not listed in any particular order. Everyone does amazing, there are no losers)
Round 1

Theme: Olympics

Judges: Breezy


Winners: (Pair costume)


Round 2

Theme: Cats

Judges: Crystal Shinyheart & Sunrise Firespark



Honorable Mentions:



Round 3

Theme: Disney characters (one of my personal favorite themes <3)

Judges: Dusty Elmbell & Jas


Winners: (There was some confusion at the event so I wanted to clarify here - Curious George has a TV show on Disney Junior UK so he does fall under the category of Disney)

Honorable Mentions:



Round 4 (Speedround - participants had 5 minutes to put outfits together instead of the usual 15)

Theme: Valentine's Day

Judges: Yours truly




Honorable Mentions:



Round 5 (Bonus Round)

Theme: Preparing for tonight's Twin Party!

Info: If you don't know about it yet, there is a party tonight at 8:00pm EST. The theme is "Twinning." You can check through my past threads on my profile page to find the original thread with all the info. I will also be posting a reminder thread tomorrow afternoon. Hope to see you there!

General Screenshots:

Thing 1 and Mushu


Kitty cats!!!!



If forming lines was an Olympic event everyone at FCF would get a gold medal <3

"Put up an emoji"

<3 Disney <3

Everyone looked so gorgeous this round <3

Host's Honorable Mention: (I thought this might be fun to start doing as I enjoy seeing everyone's outfits each week and don't always get to compliment all of them. This week Juni had to receive my HM for her Mushu costume, it's an inside joke but a universally gorgeous outfit <3)
Host HM.jpg

Judging Panel:
Judging Panel.jpg

Thank you to all the fairies who participated!!!! A special thanks to Breezy, Crystal Shinyheart, Sunrise Firespark, Dusty Elmbell, & Jas for judging <3 Thank you for your time and enthusiasm! Also a special thanks to tonight's server, this was the first time it did not glitch and make us move servers mid-event.

To anyone who missed out or wants to come again, this is a weekly frequent event hosted by myself on behalf of the PPR. Look for a reminder thread on Thursday nights. Check the party forum or my profile (under my threads) for the official FCF thread for all the details (I will try to update this soon).

P.S. If you're ever wondering what events are happening, check out this wonderful calendar made and kept up to date by Lorella: https://lorellablog.weebly.com/

P.P.S. Hope to see you at the party tonight!
From group: Pixie Post Reborn

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LuckyMyrna5757 Post time 2018-2-11 01:47:42 | Show all posts
Edited by LuckyMyrna5757 at 2018-2-11 00:51

I think you ought to do a little more research.  The show, "'Curious George'", was created by Universal.  Universal has the rights to it, not Disney.  Just because something airs on a Disney-owned channel does not make it Disney.  It is only Disney if Disney has the rights to it.
It's like saying the show, "'Totally Spies'" is Disney because it aired on ABC, another Disney-owned channel, but it was created by a non-Disney studio and the rights belong to Cartoon Network.Disney pays other companies to air shows like that all the time, but they are not Disney.  I Hope you understand your mistake as it is a common one, but the fact is, the consequences of such a mistake in the movie industry can be disastrous.
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Navya Post time 2018-2-10 09:12:40 | Show all posts
wow first time I was participated in FCF. It was so fun congrats to winners
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MoonFields Post time 2018-2-10 09:19:27 | Show all posts
| This is very fun~ So glad to participate for this week. c:
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catcatherine Post time 2018-2-10 10:34:35 | Show all posts
Cute outfits ^-^
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juno30 Post time 2018-2-10 11:13:17 | Show all posts
mushu for the win !! <3 thank u abi (: everyone looks great !
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zance Post time 2018-2-10 12:17:47 | Show all posts
Glad I was able to make it at the end!

I wouldn't worry about not getting a reminder out, Abi; I think it's such a popular event now that most pixies know about it.
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Bug Post time 2018-2-10 13:21:40 | Show all posts
I was out & about last night, sorry I missed it! Everyone had great outfits! Karma your light blue & lavender one is my fave!! I'll try to be there next week fairy friends! I always love a great fashion show!! So happy we have one to attend & participate in!!


| Ahhh omg thank you so much Bug! ^^"  Post time 2018-2-11 09:54 AM
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Crystal2780!! Post time 2018-2-10 13:30:01 | Show all posts
For the record, I shall not be partaking in any more of these contests.  This was my last one, yet I am an experienced judge at them.  If anyone has questions regarding that aspect, you are welcome to ask me for help.
Otherwise, "'That's All'", Said The Ball.
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RaeCollins Post time 2018-2-10 14:15:30 | Show all posts
Aww, I wasn't able to make it! Good job everyone though!
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Villiana Post time 2018-2-10 18:06:41 | Show all posts
I'm glad you guys had fun! You all look beautiful.
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