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[Story] Surviving Excerpt!!

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MarySongbird497 Post time 2018-1-23 23:50:18 | Show all posts |Read mode
So, while I was searching through my stories, in-progress and cancelled alike, I came across this section from a Disney Fairies story I had started.  It is not much, yet this is all I had done.  I Hope you enjoy what there is of it.

If you look up into the sky during the night,
Watch for a brightly shining star — the second on your right.
Just believe and you can go far,
To a magical island beyond the star.

This is Never Land, a magical place,
Full of pirates, mermaids, and unspoiled space.
There are birds, and dolphins, and fairies you say,
Each of them unique, in their own special way.

Stay awhile and enjoy the sights,
For magical things can happen, even as tiny, sparkling lights….

       There it was.  He looked up into the air.  The stars were shining down, still twinkling.  Aside from a cool breeze, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.  With a deep breath, he shrugged and went back to his toadstool.  He sat down and tried to relax.
       He felt it again.  It was a little stronger this time.  With another deep breath, Flicker struggled to regain his concentration.  Being a Research-Talent sparrow man, he tended to linger around the library.  Even in Pixie Hollow, there was a lot the fairies and sparrow men did not understand.  That was why there were Research-Talents like Flicker; their job was simply to explore, investigate, and ask many, many, many, many questions.
Flicker was one very talented sparrow man.  He was typically seen asking questions about everything.  Why did the stars twinkle?  What made pixie dust glow?  Where did magic come from?  Why was Never Land called “Never Land”?  He was so inquisitive, no one could ever seem to answer more than half of his questions.
       Flicker did not care.  He often considered himself to be one of the best of the Keeper’s pupils.  Of course, most fairies and sparrow men considered themselves to best the best at his or her talent.  Some of them tended to get into heated debates over who was the best.  Many times over, Flicker had witnessed this.  Fortunately for him, there was no one who could really rival against him.
       He felt it for the third time.  Flicker looked into the sky high about his home.  Since his house was located at the summit of a high hill overlooking much of Pixie Hollow, he could see far and wide.  The only spots higher than this were at the Pixie Dust Tree and deep in the Winter Woods.
For some reason, Flicker was sensing something amiss.  He was not quite sure why or how.  He wanted to know.  Curiosity was practically his middle name — if only fairies and sparrow men had middle names… let alone last names.
       The sensation grew stronger.  Flicker adjusted the water-droplet-filled glasses over his face.  That was when he saw it.  “It can’t be,” he said to himself.  “Can it?”
       High in the sky above were a pair of sparkling clumps.  He recognized them straight from a book he had read a while back.
Laughs.  Children’s laughs.  New fairies (or sparrow men) were arriving.  A sudden feeling of thrill flooded his body.  He grabbed his leafy spyglass and started to take some notes on a piece of leafy paper.  “Fascinating!” Flicker marveled.


Like I said, it is not much.  The story's title was "Tinker Bell And The New Fairies".
I Hope you enjoyed what I did find of it.

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Queen Clarion

Pandora Post time 2018-2-26 19:56:06 | Show all posts
Finally got a chance to read your story. It's really good!  Fell right into it.
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