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Fairyabc updates and events log

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2013.01.20 [event]
fairyabc.com was born
2013.10.15 [First release]
my fairy avatar maker 1.0
thanks to Rachel Lau
2013.10.24 [update]
my fairy avatar maker 1.1
more items added
2013.10.22 [update]
my fairy avatar maker 1.2
more items,include Izzy Lovescookies's dress design
2013.10.24 [update]
my fairy avatar maker 1.3
halloween items added

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2013.10.30 [event]
Apple and wind decided to start the pixie hollow rewrite project
2013.10.31 [Demo release]
pixie hollow rewriten demo 0.1
An preview released, but it was just a clickbate thing

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2013.11.02 [update]
pixie hollow rewriten demo 0.11
a preview demo with 10 meadows and a map

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2013.11.22 [update]
pixie hollow rewriten demo 0.12
We can fly around the meadows again, although there were nothing else we could do
Thanks to Lucy Rosefield Crystal Diamondgem and Vanadis Olsen for the feedback

2013.11.26 [event]
Emma Fauna Rachel Pixie and Lakshmi Chandekar designed cool outfits for us
2013.11.26 [event]
facebook closed our official page "my fairy avatar"
2014.02.20 Fzrasu joined the Developer team, now we have both programmers and graphic artist
2014.07.15 [fist release]
Pixie hollow rewrite beta 1.1.0

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2014.7.22 [update]
Pixie hollow rewrite beta 1.1.1
update with meadow musics
knowm issue, only one fairy can be in a meadow, if another entered, both get kicked

2014.8.11 [update]
my fairy avatar maker 2.0

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thanks to Rachel Lau, for the pictures you shared, and Happy Moon Pool , for always ready to help us, and Emily Cottonpuff for our ph recreation page
2015.7.20 [update]
my fairy avatar maker 2.1
This is the Last release of my fairy avatar maker
2015.7.21 [update]
Pixie hollow rewrite beta 1.2.0
finally we got the chat work
2016.07.08 [event]
we have got some admins on faccebook Art, Pandora, Faith Pixie, Harmony Pixie, Luna, Nora Faithrainbow, Xime Colina
Sorry i dont remember their joinning orders
2016.06.14 [update]
pixie hollow rewrite beta 1.3.0
This is the very first playable version, we can meet friends, chat and sitdown
2016.06.15 [update]
pixie hollow rewrite beta 1.3.1
[fix] fairy disappear when fly to the right side or to the downside of the meadow
[improve] chat system got improved
[New] online list
[new] download/print your fairy

2016.06.25  [event]
The developer team were broken, so they decided to add 2 ads on our site, hope it could help a little bit
2016.08.10 [update]
pixie hollow rewrite beta 1.4
        [new]create your fairy,
        [new]more hair styles
        [new]more outfits.
        [new]also an update with server so server host can type their names

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2016.08.11 [update]
pixie hollow rewrite beta 1.41
        [fix]profile page
        [fix]left shoes and right shoes have different colors
        winterhall/ice palace was online
2016.08.12 [event]
         fairyabc's very first party in the Frosted Forest! unfortunately we forgot to save some pictures

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2016.08.12 [update]
pixie hollow rewrite beta 1.42
[new]Admins have special name color and a "member of never council" info in there profile.
[fix]Guitars in store are available for sparrowmen too
2016.08.13 [event]
sweetpea visit

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2016.08.13 [update]
pixie hollow rewrite beta 1.43
[new] sitting posture

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2016.08.15 [update]
pixie hollow rewrite beta 1.44
[new] chat filter

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2016.08.21 [event]
fairyabc website had exceed its bandwith limitation. and was down for 2 days
2016.08.23 [update]
pixie hollow rewrite beta 1.5
Frost talent is finally here, thanks to Luna for talent sign design
2016.08.29 [Event]
One of our admin's best friend Crosswell Zack donated us 50 dollars. we spent that money and built this forum.

My relationship0
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thank you guys for everything you did tinkerbell would really appreaciate this flitterific thing you did to save her home pixiehollow
My relationship1
Post time 2017-7-1 04:50:30 | Show all posts
thank you guys SO much for all the hard work you do! i cant wait for what the future has in store for us players
My relationship6
Post time 2017-7-1 06:02:09 | Show all posts
It's like looking back through all the memories. I didn't know the site has been around for so long though!
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My relationship14
Post time 2017-7-1 07:58:57 | Show all posts
First was Vanessa Dawn, and Faith then it was I, I added Harmony and Xime (Char).  Next was Luna (added to the team but not yet an administrator), Pandora, Luna (became an administrator this time), Dawn, Violet
My relationship3
Post time 2017-7-1 09:14:30 | Show all posts
It's cool to look back to see how far that we've come! Thank you so much to everyone for their hard work!

Shout out to the guy that gave his hard-earned money to make the forum possible! You've made our memes and dreams a reality!
My relationship22
Post time 2017-7-1 09:54:19 | Show all posts
Woah we've really come a long way. It's nice taking a look back at fairyabc's history. I can't wait to see what the future will bring.
My relationship4
Post time 2017-7-1 10:19:41 | Show all posts
It's nice to look back at how long we have been here, <3 Thank you so much to each and everyone of you who made Fairyabc possible for us. <3
My relationship0
Post time 2017-7-1 10:46:34 | Show all posts
This is honestly so amazing
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