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Lavender's Looks 4/9/17

2017-4-9 22:01| Publisher: Lavender-Marie| Views: 1317| Comments: 0

Description: Lavender's Looks is a weekly section of the Pixie Daily Newspaper designated for fashion ideas, inspiration, and questions.

Hey, it's Lavender! Welcome to the latest installment of Lavender's Looks :)


TBT to When I Had This Outfit in Old PH

I was scrolling through the shirts, searching for inspiration when I was SUDDENLY hit with a flashback of this outfit. The second I saw the top, it just reminded me of how much I loved it. It was called something "Chic" in old PH and I thought it was "chick" for a while xD


Pastel Waitress

I’ve been meaning to use this top for the longest time, but I always got distracted with some other shirt. It reminds me of either a waitress or a maid, what with the apron style over-garment. I’ve already done a maid look, so it was high time I did a waitress look! The skirt lined up too perfectly for me not to use it. And of course the "I-don't-know-what-to-use-as-my-headpiece-so-I-will-wear-this-headband-again" (a Lavender classic).

The Outfit That Glitched Itself Together

I know it’s so beautiful that no one would’ve guessed this outfit was a glitchy mistake, but that is actually how this look was created. I don’t even remember what I was trying to make, but the shirt randomly changed itself and I was stuck with this accidental masterpiece.

Clouded Sulfur Butterfly

I saw the top and bottom put together by the Meme Kween (pronounced me-me queen), Norad, and I immediately thought of a butterfly (well duh Lavender, look at the skirt). I hadn’t made a nice, bright yellow outfit in a while, I thought it was time to make another one. I think I might use the headdress again if I can figure out a showgirl look ;)

Spearmint Chic

I’ve always thought this top is really pretty, but it’s hard to find something that looks good with it. If I had paired it with pants, it would’ve looked unrealistically flowy which is not what I’m going for. It looked awkward when I tried to use it in the past, so I gave up on it for a while. On this day, I was feeling bored and decided to challenge myself to find an outfit that would work well with it, so that’s how I ended up with this. I think I somewhat accomplished that, so I’m happy!

Hippie Vibes

The lacey skirt I used in this look and always given me some hippie vibes (wowee, what an amazing reference to its name) and I was feeling particularly hippie-ish, so this outfit just kinda happened. My history teacher likes to call me her “hippie chick” because of my long light brown/blonde hair, so I tried to give Lavender my actual hair color to the best of my ability. I do not actually have bangs, but I'm toying with the idea of getting some. I would like to thank my history teacher for inspiring this look.


Dark Meadow Grass

You know the meadow grass ingredient we get to collect? Well, I was just staring at my pouch one day in boredom when a thought struck me: “How about I make an outfit inspired by an ingredient?” I randomly picked the meadow grass. Some of the other ingredients are more aesthetically pleasing, but who doesn’t like a good challenge?The outfit turned out a bit darker than i intended it to, but I think it still works.


Eccentric Coral

I’m just realizing right now that I made a lot of unusual outfits this week (at least unusual for me). The bottom was giving me all the right funky feelings, so I got it. I originally wore this top in my Hippie Vibes outfit, but I soon decided it would far better with this one. Coral is a nice color, but I’m not sure how these colors look together because my computer monitor has been slightly discolored for the past few days. Sorry if this color combo makes your eyes cry, I didn’t mean it!


Faye unintentionally reminded me of this top’s existence the other day when she wore it in an all black outfit. I used this in the past for an outfit with a completely different look to it, so I never would’ve thought of wearing it this way. It looked really snazzy, so I used elements from it, but made sure to still put my own spin on it. Sooo...thanks for accidentally inspiring this outfit Faye (the [] Faye, just fyi).

Hanon the Mermaid

Tori (A.K.A. Toadstool or Lilium) made a thread* announcing that Mermaid Melody will be adapted into a Pixie Hollow play! I’m very excited to start auditioning, and I’ll be happy to help even if I don’t the role I’m hoping for. Hanon is the aqua mermaid, so I was immediately drawn to her because of the pretty color. Mermaid outfits are always fun to make, so here you go!

*Link to Mermaid Melody thread: http://www.fairyabc.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1999&extra=

Have a wonderful day! Fly with you all! <3 Lavvy

Fashion quote of the day: "Life’s too short to wear boring clothes" - Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs





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