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I wish living was more fulfilling.
  • CatMistt: sometimes, its better to experience unfulfilling things (11-12 07:52)
2018-10-14 20:50 Reply|
I'm finally a talent master!! Yay!
2018-10-9 19:14 Reply|
"I have a lot of intrusive thoughts and they all fall under humor even though my life is collapsing"
2018-10-9 19:13 Reply|
"I know what I'm doing. What, what AM I doing?"
2018-10-9 19:10 Reply|
"I have a mild water allergy"
2018-10-9 19:10 Reply|
"Mentally, I'm like 2 years old, and I'm tired, so that makes me, like, 1...years old"
2018-10-9 19:09 Reply|
"What if we made an alignment chart of vines?" (Obviously, 'can I get a waffle' is lawful good. "road work ahead' is chaotic good. 'fre shavaca do' is true neutral.)
2018-10-8 18:58 Reply|
"You spelled '1' wrong. How do you spell a number wrong?"
2018-10-8 18:57 Reply|
"You're fantasizing over someone who's been dead for over 50 years!"
2018-10-8 18:56 Reply|
"Let's burn the fire with fire!"
2018-10-8 18:55 Reply|
"Sarcasm is my division, not yours"
2018-10-8 18:55 Reply|
"I drink milk because I'm not real"
2018-10-7 23:00 Reply|
"We're living in a terrible cliche 90s sitcom"
2018-10-7 22:59 Reply|
"Oh look, a stick! Wait- I just got genuinely excited about a stick..."
2018-10-7 22:59 Reply|
"Well, I'm done. I probably did everything wrong...Oh, well. It's meme time!!"
2018-10-7 22:58 Reply|
"The economy is collapsing and all I can think of is dabbing"
2018-10-7 22:58 Reply|
"Oh look, an evil bench"
2018-10-6 16:45 Reply|
"If I get up he'll, like, slash me"
2018-10-6 16:45 Reply|
Person 1: "you're harassing my eraser..." Person 2: "big words from the guy who was melting that eraser on a hot plate earlier"
2018-10-6 16:44 Reply|
Guy 1: "How do you spell 'inhumane'?" Guy 2: "It's i-n-h-i-e-3-6- with a silent 'o'."
2018-10-6 16:43 Reply|

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