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Share Party tips for newbies
2018-10-8 21:49
Alright guys, sit down, shush up, and learn some things from this quick lil list of tips. First of all, parties here HAVE to be fun; that's the point. If you're hosting, you can't make it stressful or confusing, and don't spend too much time on organizing after it's started since that's a good ...
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Share 8 Oct 2018: Dear Diary
2018-10-8 19:03
First of all, my terrible gremlin kitty is locked in my room while my mom prepares dinner. He is screaming at the door and needs to be quiet so I can type in peace. Yes, Oliver, this means you (he's standing with his front feet on my computer). In other news, I am actually somehow running out of quo ...
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Share 6 Oct 2018: Dear Diary
2018-10-6 16:49
I finally submitted that essay I've been worrying about. Is it good? Not really. But is it done? Yes. I expect to get maybe a C, which is honestly good enough. I'll deal with it. Onto the next concern: the PSAT! Seriously though I'm going to get like a 150 on it and cry. In other news, I spent a cou ...
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Share 5 Oct 2018: Dear Diary
2018-10-5 15:47
Today was pretty cool, I guess. I don't want to talk too much about school in case someone I know happened to find this page- I mean, they'd immediately know it was me by the assignments I've complained about as well as the quotes, but I wouldn't want to talk about people especially- whether I liked ...
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Share 4 Oct 2018: Dear Diary
2018-10-4 20:48
Our history teacher overworks us. We've got to make a video comparing the Reformation to a modern movement by tomorrow and we have that academic essay due on Sunday. Plus a biology test on Monday, an Algebra quiz on Tuesday, and the PSAT on Wednesday (which I have't studied for at all). Someone save ...
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Share 3 Oct 2018: Dear Diary
2018-10-3 17:37
I have to write a 4-page academic essay on the Reformation. No websites allowed, just books. I really don't want to do this. Can someone link me to some online books or ebooks I can use that explain the effects of the Reformation on modern day beyond just the new branches of religion? Thanks. In oth ...
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Share 2 Oct 2018: Dear Diary
2018-10-2 17:46
I've decided the online diary entries need to start today, so start they will. Dear diary, I really don't want to deal with this week. I've got an academic essay on the Reformation due Sunday, another project due Friday, I have to finish writing a children's book about the Constitutiona ...
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Share Am I not allowed to bring up real problems?
2018-9-30 15:32
I tried to post a blog asking for answers about a user in my friends list who had vanished off the site and who I was worried about. The blog didn't post and I had a loyalty point and a coin deducted. Is this because that topic wasn't deemed family-friendly? I wasn't making fun of anything- goodness ...
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Share About the quotes I post
2018-9-29 10:19
A little information, if you care, about the quotes I'm constantly posting. In 8th grade, I got absolutely sick of hearing people say ridiculous things. It happened a LOT and it just annoyed me. So I decided to begin listing all the stupid things everyone said in a quote book so I could blackmail th ...
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Share "The internet isn't your diary", said 6th grade me.
2018-9-28 22:55
6th grade me didn't know what was up (no offence to any 6th graders on this forum ofc). Anyway, from today forward, I'll be using the blog section of my page basically as a journal/diary. Does anyone care? Probably not. Will anyone read it? Probably not. Am I going to do it anyway? Probably. T ...
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