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Silvermist375 2018-8-14 13:16
Hey! Just thought I'd stop by and say hello!!! <3 miss you bff!
xmistyx 2018-8-12 10:14
hi jasper can u design my space because im having trouble
rosabriar 2018-8-11 16:27
jasper how much longer do we have to wait for in games mini-games and all the fairies and the male fairies
LooneyTunes♥ 2018-8-4 12:01
I love you  
SIA_18 2018-8-3 14:57
I love you  
mermaidsiren 2018-8-3 13:36
Jasper: Hi I'm Jasper, welcome to FairyABC! Feel free to ask me if you have any questions. I hope to see you in-game :D
hey thank you Jasper!:)
Regenwolken 2018-8-2 19:18
Regenwolken 2018-8-2 13:15
may I PM you?
TurtleMuffin 2018-8-1 22:03
I'm debating if I should put a meme in your comments...
JulieBubble 2018-7-26 17:42
PixieDelRey 2018-7-16 00:44
where u at boi
Nighty 2018-7-12 03:05
crystahlll 2018-7-5 09:58
Jasper: Nope vvvv XD it's really pretty.
thank you <333 your page is so cool aaaaah. btw can you tell me how you put those pictures in the middle of your page?? i see everyone posting pretty pictures and i can't figure out how
PixieDelRey 2018-7-4 01:28
i feel like
a. your never on anymore and therefore
b. we never talk anymore
Munedaki 2018-7-3 22:51
Jasper: Hi I'm Jasper, welcome to FairyABC! Feel free to ask me if you have any questions, I hope to see you in-game :D
Thanks very much!!! ^v^
LooneyTunes♥ 2018-7-3 14:30
*nudge* *nudge* guess who's birthday is coming up ;)))))))))))))))))))))
anastasia-lock 2018-7-3 10:06
Hi i wanted to let you know that i appreciate you for still dealing with me, thank you for um not getting annoyed whenever i speak or anything ahahah and i want you to know that you're the sweetest. Also oof very unprofessional.
smallapple403 2018-7-2 21:11
legends says that jas...
PixieDelRey 2018-6-30 02:42
i miss you ahaha but whats new im trash
cosmoetic✧・゚ 2018-6-28 23:43
Greetings, Sir Repsaj...

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