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My dear fairies.. and shoutouts.

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Hello everyone, I would just like to tell all my friends, and my soon to be friends that I love you all. You all have given me the most happiness i might get in years. So I thank you all dearly, now for shout outs to those who have been by my side since the very beginning, the very start, and I am speaking of those who literally were there when I first joined Fairyabc. Here goes, these will be long so, embrace yourself, My very first is for Faye. Faye if you are reading this I would like you to know that I am very grateful to have you as a friend. Faye was the very first person who added me as a friend, which is why she is like a best friend to me on this game. Faye you have always been there for me, caring, loving, and to be honest a lovely friend. I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me. Now for the next person, who has sadly left, though she is always in my heart, Violet. Violet, even though you are gone, I always remember you, your talks, your jokes, and your little coffee rambles with me, as I too adore coffee. Violet, if you are reading this I would like you to know that you will never be erased from my memories, you are a part of me, you were the very second person who added me when I first joined Fairyabc right after Faye, and I have always felt like we were sisters, just like how I felt for Faye, as you all can notice, both Faye and Violet are in my relationships as my Sisters. Violet your art always motivated me, and to remember Violet I had asked her to make me as a 3D edit after she left, and she did and that 3D edit is now my profile photo. I was never able to thank Violet for all that she did for me, so I will in this blog post, thanks Vi, you are wonderful, kind, talented, and more, I wish you the best outside of Fairyabc.  Another shout out I would like to give is to Cat. She has been such a kind and sweet fairy to me, although I don't know her as well as I do of Faye and Violet, she and I have become quite close friends, and I am lucky to have her as one.  Two more people are River and Raven, although Raven left me and her were blog buddies, as I do have a blog outside of Fairyabc:, and for River, she has been a lovely pixie police doing everything to keep Fairyabc safe and stable.  I also would like to give a shout out to the staff, you all have been doing a lovely job, and if you need any help, I am glad to assist you in any way I can. <3 Have a wonderful day everyone and thank you for reading.

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Reply smallapple403 2017-3-19 22:27
heyy~ i love ur page it's so pretaeee<33 btw how do u do the music thingy?
Reply KatieMarie 2018-11-9 19:55

facelist doodle Doodle

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