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1. Please check this forum to see if your problem has already been resolved before posting anything( try search some keywords like"white","no color","hourglass").
2. Please title the thread to reflect the specific problem you're having (e.g. title your thread something such as "I Cannot Move my Fairy" rather than "Glitch, Please Help").
3. At the beginning of your thread, please specify the browser that you are using
4, useful questions and answers will be kept to help others, those not important questions might get deleted after posted 30 days.
5. Additionally, please specify any steps you have taken to attempt solving the problem you have encountered
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[Solved] I bought some buddies and now I'm a Pixie Pal? Wut? ♥foxheart♥ 2018-8-4 657 MoonFields 2018-8-5 15:43
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