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Forum Issues - Needs Dev Attention

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Hi, I'd like to speak on the behalf of the newcomer community, newcomers are having big forum issues that can't be ignored. Many of them want to contribute to the community but can't. The truth is that more than one user has been going through the following problems:

- Not being able to PM (Private Message) users.
- Not being able to post a thread, post in general.
- Not being able to edit their spaces.
- Forum says in order to do the above they must set their profile picture, which they have.
- Tells them "avatar must be set in order to perform operation."
- When they have tried multiple times.
- Says in a different language at times which makes it confusing.
- Users have NO PERMISSIONS.

One user who has this problem right now is pixiepockets. Another user has had this problem, contacted a developer and had it fixed, but this one can't really contact her outside of fairyabc, via PM, and she is unable to PM. If a developer can help her, that would be very kind.
If anyone else has this problem, please say so below.
If a dev could help her out and tell the community what's going on and how to fix the things stated above, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, and have a wonderful day. <3

Fzrasu Post time 2019-7-1 10:39:19

Sorry, i will try to locate the problems

Jasper Post time 2019-6-25 23:32:55

This this this. I hope that this issue gets the attention it deserves because we have so many newcomers that want to contribute to the forum but can't because of glitches. Thanks in advance to our devs.

Pandora Post time 2019-6-30 12:11:23

louiselouisa Post time 2019-7-1 19:01:03

i have also experienced these issues on my second account, melodyfireleaf (which got reset twice; probably just a glitch or due to inactivity). thanks for bringing these issues up, since they still affect my account :)
hopefully it will be fixed soon !! <3
~ harmony rainpetal

Crystal2780!! Post time 2019-6-26 13:51:37

I agree it would be helpful.Yet, what if they cannot post onto the forum because of these problems?
How can they let anyone know?
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