Jasper Post time 2019-6-22 02:29:07

On 1.0 Not Working

Hello fairies and sparrowmen. For the past couple of weeks, I have heard a lot about game version 1.0 giving players a black screen and not loading. This may not happen for everyone, but if it happened to you, you are not alone.

FairyABC is evidently experiencing some issues with Chrome and Firefox, so for the time being, I reccomend using the Opera browser. You can download it here.

The word has already spread about this a good bit, but I wanted to make the information available to those who haven't heard yet. Happy flying everyone ::sun::

♥foxheart♥ Post time 2019-6-28 17:34:53

♥foxheart♥ replied at 2019-6-27 17:16
I tried using Opera but it's still giving me a black screen.

I've waited but the game still gives me a black screen even while using Opera. I've tried clearing my cache and restarting my laptop multiple times. Maybe it's because I'm using Mac?

sbuck1971 Post time 2019-6-22 09:27:30

oh no i hope its fixed

amathist1998 Post time 2019-6-22 09:33:17

i hope they fix it soon

Teresa Post time 2019-6-22 15:25:20

It was so odd, it was working for me this whole time and then when I was in game I randomly got booted and it’s been black screening me ever since!

♥foxheart♥ Post time 2019-6-27 21:16:54

I tried using Opera but it's still giving me a black screen.

Bubblestorm Post time 2019-6-30 21:38:00

Luckily Opera worked for me. I hope the devs will give us an update soon. This is such a lovely game and it's a shame to see it slowly fall apart.

Dawn Post time 6 day(s) ago

Tried Opera and sad to say I get only a blank black screen, waited ages to allow for downloading.
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