Fzrasu Post time 2019-5-8 23:25:28

Fairyabc pixie hollow works on mobile now

Finally we got 2.0 pixie hollow running on mobiles, some of the buttons still not working but you can fly on your mobile and talk with your friend now. back to our gardening developing and we might try improving the mobile display as well.

MoonChildPotter Post time 2019-5-9 23:13:08

Sweet! Can't wait to check it out. Looks amazing.

Jasper Post time 2019-5-9 02:13:41

Really nice feature guys. Tried it out myself and I would recommend using a mobile gamingbrowser such as Puffin so you can use its mouse tool on the hard to reach buttons.

AkilinaBirdie Post time 2019-5-9 03:55:17

Edited by AkilinaBirdie at 2019-5-9 11:09

Will it be possible to change the arrival date of each fairy? All fairies will have a different birthday. That would be great. I hope there will be such an opportunity? ::)

XxDawnxX Post time 2019-5-19 00:52:53

very cool su! also charge your phone bb
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