Fzrasu Post time 2019-4-25 10:47:42

A dress-up game we cloned

We have copied a "died" dressup game, it's not a perfect clone but it worked. we might work on it for a little bit to fix some errors, but we are not putting much effort on it.Disclaimer: we don't have anything of the game.

bellow is a temperory link, we might change it at any time.
some tips,
1, it's mobile friendly, you can take a picture as background with your mobile camera or you can select image from either your computer or your mobile, as a background
2, hold your mouse or longtouch to hide the game buttons.
3, again, you can leave the background image selector alone so you can download a picture with transparent background.

Pumpkin Post time 2019-4-25 18:35:38

Edited by Pumpkin at 2019-4-25 17:41

I played and I made a cool water fairy that I named Lotus. Great game!!!https://imgur.com/JCPx1dh

Whisper Post time 2019-4-25 17:27:30

Wow I used it. It is great you have so many choices. I love it.

WinterSparkle Post time 2019-4-25 20:02:04

This is a really fun game! I love the diversity of clothing choices!

amathist1998 Post time 2019-4-27 07:11:16

really cool and fun

fashionstylist Post time 2019-4-27 16:11:45

This is a great game! A variety of choices! :)

sbuck1971 Post time 2019-4-28 03:53:55

this is lovely xxx

AkilinaBirdie Post time 2019-5-9 03:58:30

I like it. I can finally play it
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