Fzrasu Post time 2019-3-3 23:31:12

2.0 update March the 1st 2019

I believe most of you guys had missed our latest update on 2.0 game,here are some exciting new improves
1, create a fairy section had been written

2, the chat log was imnproved and there is nolags in the chat now
3, a worldwide chat was added to the game, it will be a diamond consuming function soon. wisper to friends will be limited to online friends only

4, the game remembers the last meadow you were in before you left the game in the last time, when you logs in, you willland in thatmeadow

5, houses and decorates are fixed, you can change your house and you can set house name and house back ground music now. i will tell you how to change house music later

6, you can enter your garden and decorate it now, although you still can notdo gardenning but i am sure it will be ready soon

7, some meadows were added in the last few updates,

How to change house background music
1, you can find house name settings in new house store
2, click house name and you will get the follwoing panel
Enter your favorite youtube video ID
most youtube videos have link similar to links below
video id is the string after "v="or after the slash(/) and before the question mark(?)

Dawn Post time 2019-3-4 05:55:54

Can a URL to 2.0 be posted so we can check out all the upgrades ?? Thanks.

arianator3942 Post time 2019-3-4 04:40:55

Thanks for the update and time and effort y'all put into this. I am eager to try it out :)

Villiana Post time 2019-3-4 08:12:43

Aaaaa, another update! You're seriously amazing Susie. The update looks really cool! But for some reason, my old 2.0 fairy kinda poofed, and when I tried to make a new one when I go in the game, I can't see her... welp.
I hope it works for everyone else, enjoy y'all!

mistydew15 Post time 2019-3-4 10:06:29

AAAAAA! New update so excited! Thank you so much to all the developers and Susie! ::)

Daisygarden Post time 2019-3-4 10:54:36

Ooohhh, I'm excited to try out 2.0 and see how the update looks! ^-^

Bug Post time 2019-3-4 11:11:01

I am very excited to try the new update out! I can never find a current link to 2.0...every time I save it it works a time or two & then is changed or broken & I can't find it again... I do appreciate all the hard work the devs have put in!

twilight Post time 2019-3-4 13:16:37

lovely updates to be seen so far, it's wonderful. :]

allie1723 Post time 2019-3-4 15:54:11

Thank you to all the developers that work so hard on this game! Very excited about the update ::D

MoonChildPotter Post time 2019-3-4 20:18:15

Edited by MoonChildPotter at 2019-3-4 19:10

*Squee!* Thank you so much for all your work and time you guys put in! Can't wait to check it out.
Edit* The link is through the play the game under pixie hollow tab. Click game 2.0 at the top of the next screen.
I have yet to figure out how to find the meadows added.
Love the new houses! However, it does not take you to the right one. I clicked on the one with the moon in the window and it took me to the heart one. The naming of the house works well, however can't get the music to work.
For some reason, I can't see any of my clothes wxceot for the bottoms....
These aren't complaints, I just want you to be aware of them. Love it!

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